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Getting to know Christine




Ironman49 2014.10.24
Absolutely love this game. Fantastic!!!!!!!!

Shakma 2014.10.22
Nice story, cool graphics, shes a very hard lady to get but it worths the wait, lol.

Radielaviel 2014.10.21
Good sim. It`s #1 for a reason.

leonrdooo 2014.10.18
Great story, nice graphics

Dhorian 2014.10.17
haven`t got past shooting but I keep trying

kaitokid1990 2014.10.15
thank you Teine for the detailed walkthrough

Ironman1165 2014.10.12
I absolutely love this game, its challenging. Also very exciting to play.

kellykopoi 2014.10.07
christine is too hot, let see how far i can go

noob18 2014.10.07
great game :D part 2 plz :3

tommek 2014.10.06
Awesome. Although there could be a little bit more "teasing" during the build-up phase.


apixbax 2014.09.26
i love this game awesome and very enjoyable

BoobNina 2014.09.22
Such A Fun Game With Good Graphics

taoluk 2014.09.21
Best game ever. hope therll be another one

HotOtavio 2014.09.20
By far the best game on the internet, and it is FREE

Raio10 2014.09.19
awesome game i`m really loving this groups games whether its keeley keisha or now christine i love each of the games this is a must play.

artik20 2014.09.16
really cool game i needed to think what to press there

akshit11 2014.09.12
nICE GAME with good graphics i really liked it

tudresse 2014.09.12
Nice game with lot of detailing and endings.

I tried playing in Hard mode and I reached up to the point where I meet Vanessa. No matter what I`m unable to move further. Any help please.

Futuros 2014.09.12
Challenging game and interesting plot. Various subtle scenario-changing items.

darkhelmet342 2014.09.08
I really liked this game. The graphics were good

germanico2 2014.09.04
When will be available the new part or new version DO IT PLEASE.

phoenix20141 2014.09.03
the best game i have played on here so far. great story and challenging

Zoomba444 2014.09.02
Love the slow build up to the satisfying conclusion.

djfonzie88 2014.08.29
This is the best game ever!! I hope they make a sequel!!

nlhl2181 2014.08.28
Definately one of my fav games here, awesome graphics and endings

5ailordan 2014.08.27
Really great game. The graphics aren`t the greatest but they`re still good and there are plenty of choices & a good long dirty storyline so this should keep you occupied for awhile.

miluska17 2014.08.25
amazing hot game. could play it every day. hope for more games like that

BrandedX 2014.08.25
This has been the best Dating Sim game I`ve played so far. Great art and fun story line.

fababuba 2014.08.23
Great game,, its so dirty and it has so many options to mess with her

fababuba 2014.08.23
this game was hard.....I could never go all they way. It was hot either way

maxa 2014.08.15
little hard,but very good and sexy games with nice graphic

xxRyanxx 2014.08.11
looking forward to the other games

Tai Quan 2014.08.11
great game,great graphics and a very sexual storyline...no.1 favorite!!!

silex 2014.08.06
i just love this game the graphics are amazing,its my favorite

senjay 2014.08.06
Great game because of the length, story and graphics, and one of the top 3 games that is on PF1.

vs1 2014.08.02
Excellent Game, you HAVE TO get more of these!!!

yoga1102 2014.08.02
i played it long time ago, but still amazing.
very very good work

Kyleceleron 2014.08.02
sexy characters! i love this game

Mr NutJob 2014.08.01
Can anyone Please Help me when Adrian Play with her ?

=fret 2014.08.01
nice but abit short game

=fret 2014.08.01
awesome and wonderfull game

=fret 2014.08.01
awesomw but short ganeplay

=fret 2014.08.01
awesome gameplay with nice graphics

vs1 2014.07.31
Sexiest game EVER !!!!!

hakeemhk 2014.07.30
i finished it with in 2 sec

hakeemhk 2014.07.30
i didnt like it so easy

Leonheart22 2014.07.30
This game is by far the best game I`ve played on here so far, the attention to detail is amazing, I love how the characters develop, the fact that none of the girls are generic an have variety such as pubic hair, body shapes and sizes, etc. And the game is extremely difficult which just makes it that much more rewarding!

Patrikx 2014.07.27
This is... truely the best game here! But there should be an update.
Christine is sweet, but i likeSandy more, so it would be funny to start a secound storyline from the point at the shower were you can cheat on Christine with Sandy... by don´t care on Christin´s catch and start dating Sandy or, Date both?... This game really could get with a advanced Storyline more funny.
IT is also funny that you can cheat on Christine with Sandy and play it after that complete to the end.

barekman 2014.07.22
Really cool game. Love both characters hahaha

julio1980 2014.07.21
This is a great game. The story line is exelent. the best game in this site. the secret ending, is better than the Christine way..... hot girls, great graphics, awesome.

goldbear3 2014.07.21
Really hot and really hard. This game was fun.

smaukacius 2014.07.20
Absolutlelly brilliant game cant believe it

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.17
What a nice game. A little bit hard to get far on, but its worth it! :-)

blasoon 2014.07.13
This is by far one of the best games on the site. The character of Christine is amazing. I love the wild side of things in this game. Also, the secret ending was great. I`m glad I played this.

bitz94 2014.07.13
I love the graphics in this game a lot. Well Done.

Zero283 2014.07.12
Sexy girls! A little hard, but fun.

Stitch 2014.07.12
Great game.. Took a while for me to go through it on Hard but it was worth to the end.. Good ending too.

stoad69 2014.07.11
Just have to say this game gets more awesome every time I play it. Reached the final ending tonight and it was exhilarating.

BlackSteel 2014.07.10
Love it and finally got to beat the game. I remember something about a secret ending is that still possible

morpeus 2014.07.09
very good story line if you play on hard.

cuntfucker6969 2014.07.08
great game takes a while to finish though

Ramses93 2014.07.04
Christine is so hot ! i love it

Arron619 2014.07.01
best game on site by far, very entertaining

LeePV 2014.06.30
The secret ending to this game is amazing! I won`t spoil how to get it, but a hint is you have to make Christine mad three times.

AlexH 2014.06.29
Nice game! I love i, no sound but a great storyline! *0*

Rahat1212 2014.06.28

rocco123 2014.06.28
as i told for another dating game from same author: play all the series
it will be a wery nice experience

Indoxyl 2014.06.24
Amazing game! In depth story and characters, bringing great sex scenes while still seeming realistic. The images and animations fit as well, and the challenge of the game made the ending that much sweeter. It would be cool to see a variable to add your own name, for an additional `personal` feel. In conclusion, great game! I hope to see more of these games in the future!

hunter83 2014.06.23
amazing game good story and graphics love christine

n3rd88 2014.06.22
I never thought a text-based game could be this great. Perfect balance of interest and difficulty.

drakcorian 2014.06.21
first game i ever played here. love it! :D

toolzombie 2014.06.19
Great game. One of the best on this site!

Zas69 2014.06.19
Good graphics
good gameplay
But no audio for me.

troublee13 2014.06.14
Pretty good game, should make more of these!

allujena 2014.06.13
Excellent game. Best of all I think. The adventure is very good and has perfect images.

GateToDawn 2014.06.13
really well done :) loved the animation props to the animator

seffi 1234 2014.06.11
exellent game you really get too know christine aswell which is a bonus

luchiver 2014.06.11
Christine, she a good and nice girl

konjuring 2014.06.10
what a very very horny game

beralt 2014.06.09
great game awesome story line

dlorah 2014.06.09
this game is great.. i hope it would be fit on my mobile..

dennyjc 2014.06.05
This is really fun and hard but so worth it.

cale22 2014.06.04
Wow, what an in depth game. Lots of porn and pretty good gameplay.

pornlover623 2014.06.01
Super hot. A great game and easy to use.

haide 2014.05.26
Haha i really liked it was fun in the end!!!

CrisR7C 2014.05.25
A GREAT game

germanico2 2014.05.24
When is ready the new version, please do it.

Sexy007 2014.05.24
Wow...Great game but hard to get a high enough score to reach the end. Needs anall,,,,she would tear it up :)

mikadavid 2014.05.24
wow, wha a good game, with a very hot chick. The best game

nveliyath 2014.05.23
Definitely one of the better games on the site, is there a sequel?

germanico2 2014.05.22
I can`t wait for the new version , please do it.

markd321 2014.05.22
What a Amazing Game, loved it

germanico2 2014.05.22
I love it, I wish that the sex scenes were more similar to those of LOP EXDT, I mean one that came before or was able to reach several orgasms women. Very beautiful Christine.

SlimShady99 2014.05.18
Great game with good variety and interesting mix of challenge and reward

SoulRipper 2014.05.15
Its a really nice Game but after the Club i get a 404 Error and cant continue playing -.-

frank peter 2014.05.14
most best game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lizardking71 2014.05.12
Great gameplay. The story and consequences of your choices really suck you in and keep you going back for more!

ootm 2014.05.12
best game ever! i just wish that there will be more like this game. the plot is great

chickenlegs16 2014.05.12
This game can really test you and your ability to actually get to know Christine...shes complex and it takes so much time....but thats what makes it intriguing and the rewards that much greater!

ranayasir01 2014.05.12
Great storyline and graphics

koudog 2014.05.11
This games ok. I just dont like the mechanics that much. One mistake and you have to start all over again. It would be better if it just slowed you down and not so much locked you out of certain features.

Teseo1321 2014.05.11
Great game, the best game i had played in my life

jb2022 2014.05.10
game controls were a little awkward, but ok game overall

gigicurcan 2014.05.05
Very catchy game...The girl is very hot!!

josephmmaloney 2014.05.04
one of the best games ever. she is very sexy

GamerWC 2014.04.30

frank1974 2014.04.25
this is the best games here...i love too much

Thymoglobule 2014.04.25
Wow this is a great game. Really good story.
I only regret there isn`t any anal sex.

Jericho_Jones 2014.04.24
Great game. Probably one of the best of the virtual dating type.

josele11 2014.04.24
The game was good, but actually it was kinda "never ending" , anyway, great stuff overall!

hops25 2014.04.24
very good game. actually challenging and extremely rewarding

Cemeth 2014.04.24
great game.. long and nice story.. like this..

GamerWC 2014.04.23
It`s a long story, but its worth every second. BTW its more rewarding if you play it in hard 100% recommended

Nazgul62 2014.04.22
Beautiful Game. Nice graphics

CountZero 2014.04.22
Nice long story with multiple payoffs. Fun.

machalix 2014.04.21
its a very nice game,, i love the story!!

Katharsis.Yang 2014.04.21
Yes!! the best game I played ever!!!

cabritomanco 2014.04.19
Great game, but Im stuck on the shooting range in the hard mode. Awesome graphics, hot girl. Couldn`t be better.

Senjin 2014.04.15
This game is awesome, my favorite so far.
Lots of story content and great graphics.
the easy, medium and hard options make it even better!

johnluigi7 2014.04.14
I`ve played this on my iPhone and now on a PC for the bigger graphics!

BigChap 2014.04.09
Decent game but not the best!

qwert99 2014.04.07
good story great game good sex scenes enjoyed

Porrkungen 2014.04.06
I tried to play it again and it worked. It`s actually good that you don`t get scores to save all the time, it would have been too easy. All in all, good game, but there should have been also some man on man action either with Adrian`s friend in the restaurant or with Tyrone. Perhaps a threesome with two hunks and Christine. :-)

Porrkungen 2014.04.05
Is it some kind of bug or why couldn`t i start the game?

jcox1021 2014.04.02
great game I love vdate game

gakatokan 2014.04.02
Awesome game, really love christine

novapande 2014.04.02
This is one of the best games on this website, Christine is so hot. Although i got stuck on the pool scene

KidWhisky 2014.03.31
This is one of the best games on the site by far.

qwerty1* 2014.03.29
Excellent game. loved throughout the game.. nice game play

chieffyboy 2014.03.29
this is my all time favorite. Christine is so hot

sxyboy 2014.03.28
now i came to know why its no.1 game at this site

Ticheir 2014.03.26
Sexy game with great graphics :-)

drvwghia 2014.03.24
i liked it. The designers of these games have done a great job. This game and Life with Keeley are the best.

Nusselt69 2014.03.23
One of my favourites! Very sexy story and HQ graphics

Eisblume23 2014.03.23
the game is very good and nice story

jmor69 2014.03.22
keeley and christine are my favorite ,amazing game and quality

starofprono 2014.03.20
geart work with graphic i like it like most of game here

mark24cm 2014.03.20
very intersting and exciting game !!

pandeyaryan111 2014.03.20
nice game with good graphics i am impressed with this game

coopsy95 2014.03.20
This game is great. Lots of things to do and the graphics are pretty good, I`ve played it so many times, one of my favourite games.

FrostPhoenix 2014.03.20
Found a "cheat" in the game. you can copy the url, score some points, paste the url into new tab for a bigger sum up. ^_^

Great gameplay. great story, great graphics, missing some sound, but thats all.

bigboy129 2014.03.19
The secret ending was awesome and i found it by accident

Laylia 2014.03.15
This one was hard, but the ending is worth it

hjm0118 2014.03.14
This game is awesome! Love it so much!

probolle 2014.03.14
The top game on the website for a reason!

Aleph12 2014.03.13
Haven`t gotten to all the endings yet, but love the challenge. Big props to the writer and creator.

WinnerLonkirk 2014.03.12
Truthly super. Brilliant sexy graphics and game. One to come back to.

UncleVT 2014.03.11
Good story, great characters and endings.

Assurbanipal 2014.03.09
Getting known Christine is awesome, difficult is in paired by very good storyline, appreciated the hint point shown they is help-full,

sexylonda 2014.03.06
best game i have player keep up the goodwork

sexylonda 2014.03.05
this game rocks nic graphic and animation

johnchristy 2014.03.03
this is the best fuck game i have ever play i wanna fuck her really

littlecletus 2014.02.27
awesome game lots of ways to play also bunch of diff endings

sensai24 2014.02.27
Very long, but good game.

deniscyril 2014.02.25
A excellent game : a lot of things to do and the dialogs and graphics are very good.
In plus, it`s a long one: to finish it completely and it takes me more than 2 hours !
A big thanks to the developers !

raylancea 2014.02.25
one of the best games ever love it!

dfoskett 2014.02.25
yeah this game is probably one of the best on here, can see why its popular

basi123 2014.02.24
this game is good and the graphics are very good

MrSerevas 2014.02.22
This is probably one of the best and most in depth games that I`ve ever played of this type. It does run rather long, but to have a proper story that makes sense that it would be lengthy.

SGreasly 2014.02.21
Really nice game. Kinda tough getting around, but it`s worth it!

xxxsofixxx 2014.02.21
a bit too hard to get around but it`s an excellent game

lucky_chep 2014.02.21
One of the first dating game ive played its a old one and still one of the best.
Not too easy, not too hard; with a fun story :)

qwert99 2014.02.20
loved it. more of same pls. this game rocks

littlecletus 2014.02.19
awesome games lots of fun cant wait for more

Kai24 2014.02.18
One of the best games i have played in long time

veleno72 2014.02.15
What a pity!
After the Night Club it leads me to a wrong (error 404!) page halwway10 page when I`m almost near to the Secret Ending!!! :o/
What`s going wrong?

But this game is GREAT!!!! :oD

Mintrex 2014.02.15
Good story. Good variety. Fun and complex.

lm13 2014.02.12
Good game, very good gameplay

shixblix 2014.02.11
good options and storyline

TheBeast4295 2014.02.11
Awesome game, good sense of difficulty mixed with great rewards and many decisions.

cruzado19989 2014.02.05
wow i love this game very beautiful

sleepy_lazy_alex 2014.02.05
Definitely one of my top 5 games! Christine is crazy hot (and a bit crazy in general but in a good way) ! ;)

xXSamRothXx 2014.02.04
The best part was the deep throat.

hanagiri 2014.01.31
this game is awesome. and its saved game feature really helps!

nickjohnson 2014.01.30
this is a sexy game it makes my dick hard

jcooky69 2014.01.30
by far the best game ever!! this is a must play

Ryan810 2014.01.29
i just cant get enough of christine
absolutely amazing game! the best one ive played by far.
great work

Melimelo 2014.01.28
The best game I`ve played here so far !

Great game, Christine is such a hottie :p
ok, I have to go ... play it another time :D

wirenut666 2014.01.27
One of the best games I ever played

jsand4242 2014.01.26
this game is great. more christine!!

koolio 2014.01.25
amazing game she is super hot

perrucci 2014.01.25
this is probably one of the best games i have played on this site by far

alkarys 2014.01.24
Thank you for the walkthrough. One of the best games.

Moe372 2014.01.18
This is the best game here by far, great story and graphics.

bqanderson 2014.01.16
Great game! She is sexy as hell and fun too! The jerking off scene is killer!

kinky1230 2014.01.14
The Graphics is okay but little tad slow on loading here.

panorama59 2014.01.13
Hot game with sexy girl.. amazing graphics

Serntez 2014.01.09
Amazing game, the best I have played here so far. Love how long it is and especially the secret ending is super hot.

Lucker 2014.01.08
one of the best games, especially the secret endings

ppd_607 2014.01.07
Hot game with sexy girl...

zack1 2014.01.07
the most great dating game so far

TSUNAYIM34 2014.01.04
very good strory and beautiful sexy girl

TSUNAYIM34 2014.01.04
great gameplay....but very hard..

TSUNAYIM34 2014.01.04
good game...awesome graphics

Tolphen 2014.01.02
Christine! I really love her! Using tab browser makes it easier to play

droopy1988 2014.01.02
would love to have her a girl friend and do many things to her.

Twerx 2013.12.30
that is a really long game, but fun

tallguy69 2013.12.29
Great game. Excellent graphics and shes HOT!

joker001 2013.12.27
very good game-i`ve cum playing it

adsl 2013.12.21
i like it is a very good game

bfmvhof 2013.12.18
This is a very great game... Haven`t finished the hard one yet!

mkmk 2013.12.15
Good game with good graphic

thebestcrapule 2013.12.14
What an amazing game. One of the best without any doubt !

MoneDine 2013.12.11
Very good, takes a little bit of work to progress I guess but thats what makes the game.
Any way very good game.

Michael44 2013.12.10
Very good, takes a little bit of work to progress I guess but thats what makes the game.

tkingj 2013.12.10
One of the best game of the Play Force 1

davelee 2013.12.08
I really like this game and the graphic are pretty good

kaydubs 2013.12.01
why no videos? christine deserves some animated fucking no?

LSDSeal 2013.11.29
Amazing game!
Had to try and play it on hard on the first go :D

Zakarian 2013.11.28
Christine is incredible hot sexy and seems to be a very nice girl but she is almost very demanding on certain parts.. but i guess everyone`s diffrentxD still good game:) but hard like hell some parts..

tayloric 2013.11.27
The checkpoints are a huge help

missingcase76 2013.11.25
Rather new to these kins of gaes, but if they are all like this one, I`ve issed out. very fun and engaging game.

w1drng22 2013.11.24
Oh my god that was incredible. The chicks were gorgeous. And they showed everything. I wish I was Adrian.

matteov 2013.11.22
amazing game, very difficult but amazingly done.

jtex2482 2013.11.22
getting to know Christine is the best ive found a ending that said its the best ending ever in the game so when your done at the gun range n then u moreless get a blow job after that then u go to the club an she asks u to holla at that girl n get her to sleep in some guilt free sex DO IT cause soon after u get ol girl n Christine at a hotel they make out then after all that for play n shit she bring to a hotel pool an skinny deeps for a while then out of nowhere here comes sandy then moreless u get to fuck her with Christine then later u go back to where u 1st seen her eating alone at the restaurant then she asks u all the things we did together like what was I wearing that day etc. n then u go to the beach to chill and what woul u know its tyrone and patty at the beach and moreless we an up having a foursome then Christine wants us to bussed on her face then it says congrats best ending ever and then but b4 that she asks u have u ever peeped on me b4 cause ur window is right next to hers so be honest don`t lie like she says in the beginning lies closes a girls doors faster then u know but motreless they go on wild aventures n so on always got to go with ur instincts don`t go by what other people tellu to do b urself n b completely honest goo things will come jtex singning off good night

Fab Baf 2013.11.18
enjoyable with some great scenes and endings

Inchigo 2013.11.16
I suck at this game...i can never get past the voyeur scene...

Inchigo 2013.11.16
Great game!! It`s one of my favorite. The graphic and the animation are also great!! Hope there will be another soon.

Inchigo 2013.11.16
This is great game... I like it very much...

the brain 2013.11.16
pretty tricky at first, but worth a replay

tomtomtim 2013.11.16
This game is very sedutice and inspiring!

archer4593 2013.11.10
what an awesome and long game!

omgorgemagi 2013.11.10
Great Gameplay , especially deep throat part

DJoshua 2013.11.10
I love this game. Well, keep it up! ;)

jackbill 2013.11.10
lovely and fantastic game

James27049 2013.11.10
Loved the dialogue and one of my fav games

kuboslaw2 2013.11.03
I love this game. Beautiful graphic, great model, great story!

ThAMeD 2013.10.30
one of the best games here. keep up the good work pf1

robraven 2013.10.30
great game love it love this kind of long games hope to see more

an23ra 2013.10.27
pretty hot and good graphic so far. Love it

nyorz02 2013.10.25
nice! i love this game, it`s so hot..

lopjak 2013.10.22
There`s a reason this is ranked hot and editor`s choice. It`s that good. I enjoyed the play, trying all different scenarios and especially the luscious girls in this game. There are more choices and outcomes in this than the other games I`ve played thus far. This is probably one of the best non-premium games on the site.

Gozgo 2013.10.21
This is my absolute favourite game. i love it.

Alotta Fagina 2013.10.21
LOVED IT! Great graphics, easy to understand basic game play . FUN . By starting on easy mode then working to med then hard you get the feel of the game quickly! Works Great on IPAD TOO!

vjspring 2013.10.19
Awesome game, sexy chick very fun

Ruben1231 2013.10.18
nice graphics really liked it

exjackxo 2013.10.17
It`s a great game, looking forward to more of these

Sidhelord 2013.10.15
What a tough game, but absolutely worth it... my No. 1 at the moment.

Rivey 2013.10.14
Love this game,one of the best that I have played.

Juangauta 2013.10.14
hot, hot,hot, i will replay now

iwillfucku123 2013.10.10
This is one of my favorite games, Christine and Sandy are the hottest girls ive ever seen on this site

nikred 2013.10.06
Good game. One of the best i played on here. She is so hot...

Dwiin 2013.09.29
Perfect game, didn`t do the secret ending, but it was HOTXXX

Teine 2013.09.28
++ Not sure why, but my guide to the secret ending has been deleted, If I did something wrong I apologize, and apologize for posting it again if that is the case. Because I think people should enjoy the secret ending the developers created ++
Teinewolf presents the Guide for, the (soon to be) infamous hidden ending for, for "Getting to Know Christine"

Wow! This game is a lot more involved than you think! Getting to know Christine requires you really need to "get" Christine, because she more than "gets" Adrian (player character). Adrian has to learn how to make Christine happy, arouse her a little, but don`t get her angry!

She`s going to test poor Adrian quite a bit. Other people will be dragged into this adventure. Depending on Adrian`s choices, he might really get to know Christine. Or somewhere along the road loose her. BUT! But if Adrian decides not to cross some line, he might find another ending. Without Christine?? To do so, he`s to make some very tough decisions, when it comes to the involvement of other people

Yes, there is two "happy" endings with game. One with Christine, and one with the lovely ladies Patti, Sandy and Vanessa.

- Location -> Downtown -
{Screen} - Wait for her - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - I didn`t want to be late, so I got here early. -
{Dialog} - You were ... watching me? -
{Dialog} - (Struggle to keep breathing) Yes. -
{Dialog} - We`ll see about that. -
{Dialog} - I was a little worried that you`d feel bad that I waited -
{Dialog} - Alright then. -
{Screen} - Compliment her looks - (Face)
{Screen} - Compliment her outfit. - (Chest)
{Screen} - Explicitly call out her jeans. - (Jeans)
{Screen} - Stare for another moment - (Jeans)
{Screen} - Continue - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - (Smile) I`m a secret agent. -
{Dialog} - I`m not a very good one. Super attractive women always blow my cover. -
{Dialog} - Accounting. -
{Dialog} - Well, I hope it is someday. I`ve just got an entry level position in a small firm. -
{Dialog} - Nice? -
{Dialog} - Cool. What do you do? -
{Dialog} - Woah. Do you carry a gun? -
{Dialog} - So you really are a secret agent! -
{Dialog} - Clearly -
{Dialog} - Sorry, couldn`t help myself. -
{Dialog} - In that case?? -
{Dialog} - What kind of game? -
{Dialog} - (Nervously) I`m not sure what you mean. -
{Dialog} - Ooh, I like this game. -
{Screen} - Lick around the rim of your drink. - (Screen Right)
{Dialog} - Maybe some time I can cause that face?? -
{Screen} - As if you weren`t already hard?? - (Christine)
{Screen} - Match her orgasm face, and add in loud moaning. - (Screen Left)
{Screen} - Wait to see what she does next. - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - My heart`s pounding, but I really like this game. -
{Screen} - Kiss her. - (Christine` s Face)
{Screen} - Go for broke and kiss her neck. - (Christine`s Neck)
{Screen} - Stop kissing. - (Christine)
{Dialog} - Oooh, let`s try again then. -
{Dialog} - Hit me with your best shot. -
{Dialog} - A banana? -
{Dialog} - Between your legs. -
{Dialog} - And on later dates? -
{Dialog} - (mutter) More than you can imagine -
{Dialog} - Well, for now, how about if you give the banana a blow job? -
{Dialog} - And how is your banana sucking technique? -
{Dialog} - I`ll bet. -
{Dialog} - Seems like a good start. -
{Dialog} - I ... um ... imagine the banana appreciates that. -
{Screen} - Your own banana is rock hard. - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - You`re too enthralled to say anything. -
{Dialog} - Well the tip did. But what about the rest of it? -
{Dialog} - (stammer) Sorry, I got carried away?? -
{Screen} - Stare at her dumbfounded - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - (Say) Suck that banana. -
{Dialog} - (Yell) Suck that banana! -
{Dialog} - (Yell) Deeper! -
{Dialog} - (Shout) Go Christine! -
{Dialog} - (Cheer) -
{Dialog} - Holy shit! That was incredible. -
{Dialog} - (Take a deep breath) Yeah, thanks. -
{Screen} - Damn, he looks tough. - (Dude)
{Screen} - Wow, she`s picking you over him? Did this angel get lost on the way back to heaven? - (Christine)
{Dialog} - You heard the lady. Back off man. -
{Dialog} - I don`t want to fight you. But if you touch her again, I`ll break your nose. -
{Screen} - Lie there unconsious. - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Open your eyes. - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - I think so. -
{Dialog} - Whoa. What happened to him? -
{Dialog} - Really? Damn. (frown) -
{Dialog} - Well, after that impressive display of manliness, I assume you don`t want to see me again. -
{Dialog} - Really? Okay! Then can you show me how to knock out a guy like that? -
{Dialog} - Worried that she`ll say something like "next year," you timidly ask "When?" -
{Dialog} - Sweet. It`s a date, then. -
{Screen} - Continue - (Anywhere)
- -
- Location -> Apartment -
{Screen} - Take a deep breath to calm your nerves. - (Door)
{Screen} - Knock on the door. - (Door)
{Screen} - Go in. - (Door)
{Dialog} - (Call back) What if it wasn`t me at the door? -
{Dialog} - What if it was someone who wanted to take advantage of you? -
{Dialog} - (Gulp) Okay, yes?? -
{Dialog} - Sorry?? -
{Dialog} - My god, do you ever rock. -
{Dialog} - That`s weird. The walls in my apartment are pretty thick. -
{Dialog} - Woah. She`s ... um ... expressive. -
{Dialog} - Voyeurism? -
{Dialog} - I`d watch you any chance I could get. -
{Dialog} - You realize that, when you`re dressed like that, I`m powerless to resist, right? -
{Dialog} - They might go for that, but it would be kind of awkward to ask. -
{Dialog} - Sounds exciting -
{Dialog} - Okay so far?? -
{Dialog} - I have to admit that`s terrifying. But it`s also really exciting. I`m in. -
{Screen} - Reach back and squeeze her ass. - (Christine`s Neck)
- -
- Location -> Gym -
{Screen} - -= Continue.=- - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - -= Continue.=- - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - -= Continue.=- - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - -= Continue.=- - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Go to the sauna. - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Stare at her tits. - (Sandy`s Breasts)
{Screen} - Sneak over and get a better look. - (Sandy`s Breasts)
{Screen} - Go back and sit down a discreet distance away. - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Clear your throat. - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - Sorry to disturb you. -
{Dialog} - I`m working out with a friend. -
{Dialog} - It`s my new girlfriend. She convinced me to start working out. -
{Dialog} - I suspect your boyfriend is pretty lucky too. -
{Dialog} - I can`t imagine you`ll have much trouble finding someone. -
{Dialog} - Sorry, I`m with someone right now. -
{Dialog} - Here she is. Sandy, this is my girlfriend Christine. -
{Dialog} - I`m just trying to keep up. -
Dialog - Erm ... well ... I ?? - Dialog
{Screen} - Damn, how many awesome women hang out here? - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - Sounds good. Sandy, it was a pleasure to meet you. -
{Screen} - Head to the men`s locker room. - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Let it all hang out. - (Right Side)
{Dialog} - Sandy! I`m naked here. -
{Screen} - A little?? - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - You stare in disbelief as she strips off her bikini. - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - Oh my god! -
{Dialog} - I`m trying not to.. -
{Screen} - Stare at her boobs. - (Sandy`s Breasts)
{Dialog} - They`re marvelous. -
{Screen} - Stare at her pussy. - (Sandy`s Pussy)
{Dialog} - Okay, enough. I`m Christine`s Adrian -
{Dialog} - Doesn`t matter. I`d know. -
{Dialog} - No, but?? -
{Dialog} - You`re ferociously hot. And I really want to. But, no -
{Dialog} - Hold your breath and shake your head. - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - In spite of yourself, stare at her body. - (Sandy`s Back)
{Dialog} - Well, if you need it, I guess I`d better come to your aide. -
{Screen} - Pull out quickly and look back. - (Sandy`s Ass)
{Dialog} - What? Did you set me up? -
{Dialog} - I`m sorry, Christine! I tried to resist. I really did. -
{Dialog} - You are? -
{Dialog} - Okay. I won`t let you down ... again. -
- -
- Location -> Neighbors Door -
{Screen} - Take a deep breath to calm your nerves. - (Door)
{Screen} - Knock on the door. - (Door)
{Screen} - Knock on the door. - (Door)
{Screen} - Go in. - (Door)
{Dialog} - Hi Patty. It`s nice to meet you. -
{Screen} - Check out her tits. - (Patti`s Breasts)
{Dialog} - I`m sorry to intrude, Patty, but can I use your bathroom? -
{Screen} - Thanks! - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Oh no, she`s on to us! - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Have second thoughts and do NOT plant the webcam. - (Above bed)
{Screen} - Head to the bathroom, flush the toliet, and wash your hands. Then get back to them. - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - That`s better. Did I miss anything? -
{Dialog} - Good things, I hope. -
{Dialog} - Nice to meet you, Patty. -
{Dialog} - I was scared, but I wasn`t about to let you down. -
{Screen} - Turn on the laptop. - (Laptop)
{Dialog} - Maybe she found it? -
{Dialog} - We could still ... hang out together. -
{Dialog} - Okay. Want to do something else tomorrow? -
- -
- Location -> Christine`s Place -
{Screen} - - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Say hello with a kiss. - (Christine`s Face)
{Screen} - Reach down and squeeze her ass. - (Christine`s Neck)
{Screen} - Finish kissing - (Christine`s Face)
{Dialog} - I sure am. What are we doing? -
{Screen} - Stare at her ass - (Christine`s Ass)
{Dialog} - I can`t wait to see it. -
{Dialog} - You bet. -
{Screen} - Check her out - (Christine)
{Dialog} - The Ferrari`s cool, but you`re hot?? -
{Screen} - Get in. - (Christine)
{Dialog} - You really are a secret agent! -
{Dialog} - Everything you do scares me.... -
{Screen} - In spite of yourself, grab the armrest. - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Force yourself to release the armrest. - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - But I`ll distract you and we`ll die. -
{Dialog} - You are one crazy woman. -
{Dialog} - You`re right, but I`d like to live to keep seeing you. -
{Dialog} - No, I just can`t. Pull over and I`ll do anything you want. -
{Dialog} - Let me do something else instead. -
{Dialog} - I do want to, but I`d like for it to not be the last thing I ever do. -
{Screen} - Timidly squeese her right tit. -
{Screen} - Give both tits a good fondling -
{Dialog} - You won`t take "No" for an answer, will you? -
{Screen} - Kiss Her - (Christine`s Lips)
{Screen} - Move down to her neck. - (Christine`s Right Cheek)
{Screen} - Move down her body. - (Christine`s Chest)
{Screen} - Rub her legs. - (Christine`s Legs)
{Screen} - Slide your hand between her legs and rub her inner thighs. - (Christine`s Thighs)
{Screen} - Rub her crotch - (Christine`s Crotch)
{Screen} - Rub harder. - (Christine`s Crotch)
{Dialog} - Better -
{Dialog} - Where are we going? -
{Dialog} - Work my way up to handling you, huh? -
{Dialog} - I`ll bet. -
{Screen} - Hold on for dear life. - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - Since the day I met you?? -
{Screen} - Enter the gun range - (Anywhere)

- Location -> Gun Range -
{Dialog} - I`ve never even held a gun before?? -
{Dialog} - Will the eye protection protect me from the searing view that is your body? -
{Dialog} - Sorry. I`ll focus. -
{Screen} - As if she needs to tell you to watch her?? - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Her shots ring loud in your ears, despite the ear protection. - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Aim for the target. - (Target)
{Screen} - Fire - (Target)
{Dialog} - Did I hit the bullseye? -
{Dialog} - This is harder than TV makes it look. -
{Dialog} - Gladly. -
{Dialog} - Got it. -
{Dialog} - Did I really look like that? Okay, I`ll try again. -
{Screen} - Look at the target. - (Target)
{Screen} - Bring the target back to inspect it. - (Target)
{Screen} - Head out. - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - Yeah. That was cool. What`s the plan now? -
{Dialog} - (Gulp) Really? -
{Dialog} - Then why are you driving so slow? -
{Screen} - Continue to Christine`s apartment. - (Anywhere)
- -
- Location -> Back at Christine`s Place -
{Dialog} - Sure, I`m not going anywhere. -
{Dialog} - Does that mean you`re ... um ... ready now? -
{Screen} - Join her on the couch. - (Couch)
{Screen} - Keep kissing her. - (Christine`s Mouth)
{Screen} - Reach down and gently pull up on her shirt. - (Christine`s Shirt)
{Screen} - Try to keep your hands from shaking as you remove it the rest of the way. - (Christine`s Bra)
=-> Ola! This is the first sex scene, you have to do some "work" on your own! I`ll catch you up, After holmes?? Night Club -
{Screen} - Contunue - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Contunue - (Anywhere)
{Screen} - Contunue - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - It`s hot. -
{Dialog} - I`d pay to see that -
{Dialog} - What do you have in mind? -
{Dialog} - You want me to do what? -
{Dialog} - Terrified! -
{Dialog} - What if she`s not a lesbian? -
{Dialog} - Say I convince her. Do I get to join in? -
{Dialog} - Hmm, I would like that?? -
{Dialog} - What if she`s looking for something more than emotion-free sex? -
{Dialog} - Okay, I`ll try. -
{Dialog} - Struggling to keep up...here I go. -
{Screen} - Approach the woman. - (Venessa )
{Screen} - Dance with her. - (Venessa )
{Screen} - Damn, she`s stacked. - (Vanessa`s Breasts)
{Dialog} - Sorry. -
{Dialog} - Nice to meet you, Vanessa. I`m Adrian. -
{Dialog} - This is a little weird, but my girlfriend sent me over. -
{Dialog} - Honestly, she wants to make love to you. -
{Dialog} - She says that it`s just carnal desire, no emotion. So I`m okay with it. But it doesn`t seem very fair to you. -
{Dialog} - And now that I`ve talked with you, I can`t go through with this -
{Dialog} - Yeah. She`s amazing, but not worth doing the wrong thing over. -
{Dialog} - Thanks Vanessa. -
{Dialog} - I couldn`t do it, Christine. It`s okay to toy with me, but you can`t treat other people like that. -
{Screen} - Leave - (Anywhere)
- -
- Location -> Adrian;s Apartment -
{Screen} - Contunue - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - Answer it. - (Left Side)
{Dialog} - Can this wait until Monday? -
{Dialog} - Am I in trouble? -
{Dialog} - I`ll be right there. -
- -
- Location -> Work -
{Screen} - Contunue - (Anywhere)
{Dialog} - Woah! Sandy, Patty, and Vanessa. Hi. -
{Dialog} - What? You three need to be careful. My boss will be here in a sec. -
{Dialog} - I`m sorry, I don`t understand. -
{Dialog} - Thank you. But, Patty, are you sure Tyrone is okay with you wearing that very sexy outfit in front of me? -
{Dialog} - I`m sorry, Patty. -
{Dialog} - But, Sandy, I cheated on her with you. -
{Dialog} - (Gulp) Does that mean you plan to?? -
{Dialog} - I`m sorry, but I can`t. Christine would never take me back if I did that. -
{Dialog} - Well, in that case?? -
==--> Ta Da! You`ve found the "Getting to know Christine" secret ending!

Joshua T 2013.09.26
great game, good graphics

Erlik 2013.09.26
Probably the best game I played here.

joliki 2013.09.24
it is very goosd and funny

d4rknght 2013.09.24
Amazing game all way round

Stari1960 2013.09.24
One of the best games I`ve played here...loved the story and all the twists...sometimes hard...but worth it ;)

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

Lethalsito 2013.09.19
wow finished the game, christine is so f.. hot

necr0000 2013.09.16
great storyline, great pics, complex but not impossible... amazing piece of work!

colhan3 2013.09.13
This is a great game. easily my favorite.

JBmanly69 2013.09.12
This is a great entry level game that is free. I found that the "hard" level is very hard.

xxyy65 2013.09.10
this is one of the best game i`ve ever played so far

Hieblan 2013.09.10
the best game in this site...the secret ending, is better than the Christine way.....hot girls, great graphics, awesome

drksmg 2013.09.10
Very good game, excelent graphics

boey247 2013.09.10
SPOILER: You can revisit scenes just by bookmarking them, e.g. christine/files/beach14g.html

boey247 2013.09.09
-I`m not sure the difference between the difficulties, but play hard anyway.
-If you`re struggling for points or lazy you can open a new tab with a new branch and just earn points in that one, and they add to your other tabs.
-You have to realize that sometimes there are choices both in the image AND in text. For example when you do all 3 sex scenes, you finish the date by clicking top left corner. That`s also how you get passed the "I`m embarrassed about jerking off", click on Christine to be brave.

azlan.block 2013.09.09
I think I Can break that guy nose....

troller 2013.09.02
fun. tricky. but iys a great game! i had to reload it like 5 times.

Jimmey 2013.09.01
Wow, great game, Little tricky at first

lastcowboyscout 2013.08.30
greatest game ever...good graphics, awesome story, and lots of options to challenge you.

ksexk 2013.08.27
ooo... It`s beautifull game !

Alex Mercer67 2013.08.24
Awesome game..i never stop playing it

Nuke1927 2013.08.24
One of the best games. Thanks for creating it.

Teine 2013.08.20
It`s a great game, and finding the secret ending is more than worth it. There`s a few hidden treats in the game, and a few tricks to know. Coming soon will be a hint guide, Probably later because my secret ending guide was plagiarized.. Regardless, the hint guide, will be to help people stuck in a particular section, and don`t want a walkthrough.

Stay tuned, and happy gaming!

mcmuffin111 2013.08.18
This game is wicked fun. I can see why it is ranked so well

lilouback 2013.08.15
Really enjoyed this game. Love games like this.

Teine 2013.08.14
Wow! This game is a lot more involved thank you think! Getting to know Christine requires you really need to "get" Christine, because she more than "gets" Adrian (player character). Adriane has to learn how to make Christine happy, arouse her a little, but don`t get her angry!

She`s going to test poor Adrian quite a bit. Other people will be dragged into this adventure. Depending on Adrian`s choices, he might really get to know Christine. Or somewhere along the road loose her. BUT! But if Adrian decides not to cross some line, he might find another ending. Without Christine??

Yes, there is two "happy" endings with game. One with Christine, and one with the lovely ladies Patti, Sandy and Vanessa.

-- Guides to follow soon --

JustJack 2013.08.14
Awesome game, especially in hard mode. Not too short and very interesting story.

Jay1982 2013.08.14
That game totally deserves the #1 spot. Actually has a great story to follow.

SolidJoker 2013.08.13
This game really is fantastic.
Graphics, story, design. Everything is top-notch.

Might be a bit extreme in the realistic department, but it`s not surrealistic, so still keeping in the right area of expertise.

djfonzie88 2013.08.13
Wonderful game!! Best ever! i hope there will be a sequence!!

theqghost 2013.08.12
Nice game .. loved playing it.. it is challenging

mattius92 2013.08.11
Good graphics, but I find it very hard, been working for a long time. Can`t get past gun range.

psycho83 2013.08.11
the best game i`ve ever played amazing story

aliboustani 2013.08.05
this game really made me on :D

ad1021 2013.08.03
a nice interesting sexy long game
i just loved this one
the graphics are also awesome

happyharry22 2013.07.31
this is very cool storyline to it. best game played so far.

hornyboy501 2013.07.31
THIS GAME IS EPIC... everything was great in it...

sexybitchfuck1001 2013.07.30
THIS IS THE DREAM GAME I WAS LOOKING FOR... great graphics, great everything... really made turned me on.

ANPL1069 2013.07.29
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smartsex 2013.07.24
hot! but animation could be better.

herlemshake 2013.07.24
Really good game! The graphics is just great, The animation is kinda bad tho`.

albeit 2013.07.23
Really hot game !! and the fact that the game is not that hard makes it even hotter, so that we could focus on the story and the picture

hollywood69 2013.07.21
Really awesome game with some twists in it and lots of diffrent options.

snekkar 2013.07.21
the best game but in french version is so good

TeaserTongue 2013.07.21
Christine is one hot, wild girl. I just loved the secret spots. One of the hardest games to finish on hard - the game setting, mind you ;) - without a walkthrough.

Would have loved an aspect of giving one of the girls a creampie where you actually see the results.

sasukeamine 2013.07.20

sasukeamine 2013.07.20
nice and esgy ... horan is best girliz

liverpool.fo 2013.07.18
love Chirstine, shes is wicked and beautiful

shadow8888 2013.07.18
I like this game. Nice graphics and story. I want more of them.

cashmoney5991 2013.07.15
best game ever by pf1, kept me entertained for hours. made it to max score on hardest lvl without a guide

raiha024 2013.07.11
wow... very good game... good graphics.. and story..

smilenow 2013.07.11
wow, what a game...nerverending hot sotry.Great, wanna more

Cubalika 2013.07.11
Very good game and girls great graphics, lot of options.

giant cock 2013.07.10
best gameplay ever espescially for this game

Horselover888 2013.07.10
great game and great story

Guest015 2013.07.10
One of the best games I`ve played...I prefer `real` girls but this is darned good for a `game`...definitely worth a check

MS96 2013.07.10
Definitely needs to be another like this.

aln922 2013.07.06
very fun but hard i lik it though

dejv2249 2013.07.05
one of my favorite games, I DEFINITELY LOVE IT!!!

cliffypaul 2013.07.04
Insanely good game only problem was a bit of lag at the end anyone else have this

dumbasslol 2013.07.04
Omg this game is so sexy and nice quality, it`s like 2004 software.

lehamanja93 2013.07.03
game is AWESOME! love the graphics, I love how the story is perfectly timed, not too fast on the sex scene but the passion is building up in a right phase. I am a woman and I think this game is hot hot hot!

liuck25 2013.07.02
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Sam2013 2013.07.01
See why this is such a popular game. Hot girl, beautifully drawn and love the free fuck of Sandy early on.

keancage 2013.06.27
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Zero_21xx 2013.06.25
the best of the virtual date games it let`s you experience sex on ever level from "fonding" "lesbian action" "actual sex" "voyeurism" "orgy"

seriously if you want to find a true adult game this would be the one for you just be careful with the points as sometimes it will glitch and give you the wrong amount of points and also pay close attention to the dialogue and really think it through before proceeding onto the next scene

stacie2001 2013.06.23
such a fucking gr8 game... xxx

honchoponcho 2013.06.22
one of my favorite games i really love the lesbian scene

JCuna 2013.06.22
The secret ending was a hell of a lot better than i thought it was going to be o.o

ajed472 2013.06.19
Best game on the site. Can`t wait to see more of her

milaankb 2013.06.18
The character Christine is built up quite exceptionally strong. Great long..awesome story. This one rocks...

brialdo1 2013.06.18
excellent adventure. awesome graphics!!!

tsuna364 2013.06.16
this is a great game one of my favtine the graphic are great but i like to more place to visit i was stuck at the beginning with the bag the meal and the car key but got them thank to commment in al great game

dback1030 2013.06.14
Probably the best game on the site. Graphics are great but the story is really what sets it apart.

Eyeseeker333 2013.06.13
THE best erotic game I have played anywhere. Takes a long while to get through, but oh man, is it worth it. Especially the secret ending.

raiha024 2013.06.13
I very much love this game.... nice graphics and gameplay....

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perfect graphics . so good

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keiths 2013.06.09
By far the best game of this type and an amazing ending excellent and hot babes 10/10

jumpguy 2013.06.09
I like this game the best one.

numdegased 2013.06.06
This game is the best one that I`ve played yet! and even with that, I enjoyed how you could click the pictures or the text in certain parts, and the graphics of the game looked almost real! My only negative comment is that at the beginning the story is amazing, and stays that way through the middle of the game, but then the sex (I feel) is just overdone.

Pauley909 2013.06.06
loved this game kinda to long though but great graphics

arsenalperfetto 2013.06.06
hmm , so amazing
graphic should be repair ..
but no problem , nice game

Vadlor 2013.06.04
The first one and my real favorite game. While the graphics do tell the age of the game. gameplay and plot wise it`s stands it`s ground with the rest.

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

rahul687 2013.06.03
it is an very easy game
love it

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rdale22 2013.06.03
THE GREATEST GAME PF1 HAS EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game good storyline and good graphics

listener 2013.06.01
The single best game I have found here so far. I keep coming back and enjoy it every time. If you don`t read the walk through you can play it for hours and keep finding new things.

firion69 2013.06.01
Never gets old.. i remember playing this sometime ago, playing it now still excites me.

Ally 2013.06.01
I really loved this game! This really is the best game on the site!

I hope they will make a sequel of it! :)

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Awesome game. And the secret ending is clutch. Hope there is a sequel

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nice graphics and great storyline

droopy1988 2013.05.27
would love to have a woman like setting me up for the same thing. she is gorgeous and dangerous which makes the game all so much more exciting.

jzmack 2013.05.26
That was a fun game. Thanks to the guys who posted the walkthrough as it helped considerably on the completion

dark-minded 2013.05.26
Love this game, great graphics and story

jhorny10493 2013.05.25
This game is a great game to play if you`re just starting out and really fun. I was able to beat it on Hard with no guide. Very Sexy.

pabstcaptain 2013.05.24
good graphics love the girl in it she should have more games

dkoolhof 2013.05.20
i also laughed when i got knocked down, but its an amazing game

dkoolhof 2013.05.20
awesome game, the animations are great! and very good graphics.

Grorm 2013.05.18
This is by far the best dating game! It is really long (which I like!) and when I thought it was over (restaurant) I get the best scene by far at the beach!
Really a must!!

madtrfnpok1234 2013.05.17
Great graphics but very challenging.

madtrfnpok1234 2013.05.17
Laughed when I got myself knocked out, but its an amazing game!

rence17 2013.05.16
good graphics, i like playing it many times

timeline 2013.05.16
Great game, got stuck once but the walk through helped. I am going to have to check out the other options.

d3n1s 2013.05.14
My favourite game on this side

rdale22 2013.05.14

rdale22 2013.05.14
BEST GAME OF ANY KIND EVER MADE. Wish i could vote it more than 100

mattp95 2013.05.12
fantastic game highly recommend playing it, the scenes are great in it

xmaua 2013.05.11
i loved this horny game so far :3

steelfish 2013.05.11
IF ever there was a hall of fame for games, this one deserves to be it center piece. An incredible game with numerous options and play twists.

vexocet 2013.05.09
I can believe I just spent the past 2 hours playing a browser game! Long and interesting story. (It`s a shame I didn`t see the walkthrough in the comments section until I was almost finished the game!)

carlitosrdz 2013.05.06
excellent game was really fun i recomend

imbakaba 2013.05.06
The best game, nice story and I have to play all difficulties.

RushHour10 2013.05.06
This is easily the best game on this site. The graphics are incredible!

peppis 2013.05.05
Really good game, I hope they make a followup

lynerbarsett32 2013.05.01
its truly are amazing games.. interesting games play.. and CHRISTINE is super hot..

delfman4 2013.04.30
fun but very hard at times

Guybrush_4 2013.04.29
One of the best games. Geat graphics and gameplay. Game on!

dodge15 2013.04.29
the best game on here by far

droopy1988 2013.04.28
would love to have a neighbor like here. she seems to good to be true.

Draakos 2013.04.28
The Best Game i played here so far!!

bababooy 2013.04.27
thoroughly enjoyed this game

macgrober 2013.04.27
I`ve played through everything but the secret ending. the game itself is a little hard with the mouseover clues, but is well worth the difficulty. Cristine`s personality and slightly deviant tastes give the game a great feel.

mattoe 2013.04.23
This game is really awesome, but i can`t get further than the shooting range, i tried everything from the checkpoint but i think i have to try again from the beginning.

macgrober 2013.04.22
Love this game so far. I tried it on hard right from the start, and it`s tricky, but the autosave helps. just the right amount of challenge to augment the eroticism.

Rogie1 2013.04.21
Loved this game. Can`t wait to go back & try it on hard.

docdesires 2013.04.18
so much to do in this game wonderful, i keep playing it again and again

smoots1 2013.04.13
ammazing game and girls ill be playing this game later on

rahlfan20 2013.04.13
I absolutely love this game! My favorie part is the build-up...by the time you finally get to have sex with her, you`re ready to burst! This game has a lot of depth. My hat is off to its creators.

SluutyMan345 2013.04.13
I loved it . I WANT TO TAKE CHRISTINE TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jjampongboy 2013.04.11
is there a secret ending here? cause this game is so hot

craigeeboy 2013.04.09
fantastic game love it keep up the good work

Olmand 2013.04.09
nice game! but takes quite while and quite hard!
Thank you for the walkthrough! The endings and the rewards are worth the work

hullu120 2013.04.08
This games is really enjoyable even after playing it multiple times before.

hippie39 2013.04.08
great graphics,best game on the site

Tataigor 2013.04.07
This is the best game i ever played

lalelu 2013.04.06
nice game! but takes quite while and quite hard!

gartal 2013.04.03
Absolutely amazing! I played on Hard setting, and it was easy enough to get to the best ending with the right level of logic and thought. Excellent graphics

katies 2013.04.01
i`m stuck in this game beauty, please help me

SevasTra 2013.03.27
Wow now I understand everyone`s praise this truly is an amazing game. The story and writing for this game is top notch.

zoosboy 2013.03.27
christine was a real fantasy girl - i would love to be under the spell of someone like that!

Dave719 2013.03.23
My all time favourite. Just want more and more.

liujie 2013.03.23
this is a great game one of my favtine the graphic are great but i like to more place to visit i was stuck at the beginning with the bag the meal and the car key but got them thank to commment in al great game

messanger3 2013.03.21
One of the best games on this site, story is quite long and wellwritten

nathanco 2013.03.17
its very funny n im realy enjoyed. nice game

steelfish 2013.03.16
My all time favorite game, great storyline. I always come back to play this game.

jbobs200 2013.03.16
im stuck, it keeps freezing on the kiss in the ferrari

Subripper 2013.03.16
Wonderfully intricate with lots of replay value

Riecan 2013.03.15
well written and executed plot

matthewt9731 2013.03.15
Great game one of my favorites

torand 2013.03.15
This is my favourite one, Christine is soooo fucking hot and it was both difficult and easy which made it really fun! Hope to see another Christine one

Gangstabill1984 2013.03.11
This is one of my favorite games!!

tportelli 2013.03.11
very well made game with amazing graphics. keep it up guys

adamrambo 2013.03.10
This game is awesome i also really liked the secret ending

mc121973 2013.03.10
Excellent Game! I can see why this is rated the number 1 game!!

duckray69 2013.03.08
Very great game, the women are very hot and sexy

xcooler2 2013.03.07
Secret ending is the best one !!!! Find it in the walktrough

warren1820-01 2013.03.02
nice game, got to learn alot and more fun to play

mal705 2013.02.26
great graphics and really hot girls

ed71c 2013.02.25
great graphics,awesome game

49fp 2013.02.25
Love this game and hope to see more adventures with Christine.

madmax68 2013.02.24
Best game! Girls are all so sexy and so many twists and turns

rahul123456789 2013.02.15
the gameplay is amazing

rahul123456789 2013.02.15
a very good game with great graphics

mr_randallie 2013.02.15
great game cant seem to get 20 points on the first date though

lonesttarr 2013.02.14
great game! I was so glad to find the walkthru posted, I kept missing by a point or two until I "cheated"

jae 2013.02.13
i love to play this game because christine is hot and this game has multiple endings

buckeyejacketnut 2013.02.12
Without a doubt the best game on this site and a must play. This game is challenging, but worth every frustration. If you`re having trouble progressing, remember to constantly move your mouse over the game screen and look for options other than the text. Also, check one of the walkthroughs and try for the secret ending if you haven`t already. It`s a pain in the ass to get to but totally worth it.

gringoG 2013.02.10
Greatest dating game i`ve seen so far, and the secret is its wonderful storyline. Wish there were more games of this genre.

Buttnaked2011 2013.02.09
very hot game. had so much fun

JBourneFTW 2013.02.07
Definitely one of the best games here, and has great replayability. Love it.

kpjr278 2013.02.05
Very challenging game, great replayability! Hard to keep up with this hottie!

natural_born_G 2013.02.02
great graphics one of the best games ive ever played from this website

nothere123 2013.02.01
wow... the walk through is a godsend. it`s very very hot, but difficult sans hints. thanks for posting that!

ck-pasta 2013.02.01
Awesome game. I would definely play it again.

soulkiss 2013.01.31
I love Chirstine, shes is wicked and beautiful, she task you hard but rewards you greatly, pity there wasnt some good sex animation though

xxrpricexx 2013.01.30
good game, good graphics, tough gameplay but surprisingly fun

S0meRand0 2013.01.30
it was a good game with a good story, but i couldnt get the picture working :(

NLoves 2013.01.29
Great game! They did a good job on the graphics.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice story and grafic , good game but way too simple.

Frontier 2013.01.27
I really enjoy this game. Hot characters, cool story, interesting scenes and magnificant gameplay

gloryyy 2013.01.26
I really liked that game! Just played the medium version, but I`ll try the hard one for sure.
Maybe I found one typo: vilitile -> volatile? (Appeared when cruising with the car.)

shivers1 2013.01.25
Great game but really hard to do on hard difficulty (managed to get to the end for both easy and medium but want to get to the very end but do not know where i am going wrong)

deviltrigger 2013.01.24
Cool game! Nice graphics and presentation overall. Got a high rating from me! :)

sexeractive 2013.01.24
that was fucking hot and long. the action needs to be more fluid but the development is great

Vermouth 2013.01.23
OMG! The graphics are to die for and don`t get me started on the story line it`s so cool! And the animation oh please! Need I say more. this is the best game I`ve played so far. Though it`s a shame no matter how many times I played I never got to the fourth date and so on.

Bobitza_GSB 2013.01.22
Have nice graphics.Thats a nice game.

BillyJacobs 2013.01.21
Excellent game. Has good graphics, an interesting story, and kept me engaged throughout the whole thing. Attractive woman helps too.

k1tteh 2013.01.20
Loved it, it had me smiling and wondering what she`d think up next

flemderp 2013.01.20
awesome game, the hard difficulity definitely is worth it.

droopy1988 2013.01.19
great game would love to have a neighbor like that. she plans on meeting him and then does not give it to him right away

droopy1988 2013.01.19
great great game i would wish i had a girl that i could see from my window everyday ike that. you could only wish she knew and would like to meet you.

lmilevoj 2013.01.17
such a great game...i love u christine. Your so beautiful.

quark 2013.01.17
This game rocks. It has great graphics, a really interesting story with very good options. Playing the hard level is the ultimate gaming experience

josiewilson 2013.01.17
This is my favorite game on this website. very well done.

egane 2013.01.12
excelent game wery wery godd 100 point

stalemate7 2013.01.11
Damn the part where you zoom in while she is wearing the daisy dukes... threw me back, very nice artwork!

Mr. Magic 2013.01.11
Wow! What a wild ride! Christine is something else. Phreaky and Tlaero are absolutely the best. I love their work. Can`t wait to see more.

DirtyIrish 2013.01.11
Great game. The hard difficulty is certainly challenging, but it`s very rewarding.

JulianVoss 2013.01.11
Great graphics and a solid game.

Lumberdog 2013.01.09
AMAZING GAME!!!! really love the story and amazing graphics

darku 2013.01.09
Simply can`t get enough of this game. Suitably difficult, but the rewards are worth it :) ... Can`t wait for a possible sequel

blipif 2013.01.09
probably the best game ive played

jcm0824 2013.01.08
Awesome game! Loved everything about it! Christine is really hot. Glad to see her again. So the question is now, do we get to see Sandy in her own game? She appears to be quite the horny one in her last two appearances.

markfred 2013.01.08
good game play...interesting moves and good graphics

Docklander 2013.01.06
Great game and graphics. Finished easy and medium levels, looking forward to hard level next time I play it.

tikiigod211 2013.01.05
That was good. Good job developers!

Marschel88 2013.01.04
wunderfull game, makes a lot of plasure to play

Arquad 2013.01.03
Great game! Good graphic and girl.

forrest 2013.01.03
great game really hot and fun

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.03
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

astroyer 2013.01.03
great game,really liked it

astroyer 2013.01.03
great game,wit nice graphics

erichakan 2013.01.02
a very very very nice game

DataT 2013.01.02
Well what to say, very goog game... like it all :)

karrot1970 2013.01.01
I loved christine. I have it many times.Very HOT ,Kinky chick!Ihope to see alot more from her.

Hnight 2012.12.31
hard to get 30 point #sigh

naughtygirl2 2012.12.30
That was a great game. But how do you get 15 points ? I got up to 14, please help me.

detrewfd 2012.12.30
nice game with a sexy girl

djfonzie1 2012.12.29
I really loved this game! This really is the best game on the site!

I hope they will make a sequel of it!

Billy Bob 2012.12.29
i really like this one, great storyline and stuff.

flyingbananatree 2012.12.28
Best game i`ve played on the site so far, quite deep and a little challenging on hard!

giomaniacio 2012.12.26
this game became my new favorite addiction

shivers1 2012.12.24
typing stuff to apease kelly

crash12red 2012.12.24
very good game, hard though

hellojc 2012.12.22
this game is sexy. made me wet

marco25 2012.12.22
nice game with a sexy girl

draeven17 2012.12.22
Awesome game, super long but more than worth it. Girls and story are both top notch

maxime1406 2012.12.20
my best experience in game with jordan 500 this game rock !!!

Chrisojj88 2012.12.16
Very long game but by far worth it , would definitely like to see another game involving Christine, hopefully going even further.

sinfulx 2012.12.15
great endings one of my favorites

droopy1988 2012.12.15
awesome game i would love to play all the time. so many different scenes. so many different girls. love the switching of partners.

fucker123@ 2012.12.13
This is reasonable . why is the best erotic game on the world

HotAllan 2012.12.12
Nice sount Quality and the iamge are the best

hawkeye93 2012.12.12
Is a really long game but worth the wait

Kelvin02 2012.12.09
Wow this game is amazing. I can really see why it`s number 1

karrottop 2012.12.09
I would like to see Keeley and christine get something going for Keeley`s husband.alsoa follow up on keeley`s past lesbian affair.something in a daydeam during the next game

Poepol! 2012.12.09
Great game, kept me busy a while.

Long Dick 2012.12.08
Really like this game.Will play it again.

Nastycookie 2012.12.08
This game is really awesome !

ThePunch 2012.12.07
Still a classic game! Love It

amazingchili 2012.12.07
This has to be on of my fav games. Something about the whole story is just fun!

badboy_4578 2012.12.05
hottest game i ever played..very good story

fallen253 2012.12.05
Great game its alot of fun you have to play on hard its worth it

B.W.O. 2012.12.01
Oh man... What a great game! It´s challanching, interisteing story and last but not least very exiting! i love to play it! over and over

huligin1313 2012.11.29
Loved the secret ending. Plenty of options in the office. Could use more animations but otherwise just awesome.

Richie33 2012.11.27
A really great game, My favorite game on here so far, nice and long and gives you a really good ending

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
I couldn`t say anything bad about this one if I tried. Its genius!

thedoomy 2012.11.21
This game is fantastic! Hope there`s another one like it again soon. LOVED the difficulty settings.

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


rwood100 2012.11.18
Very nice, fun and adictive. hope there is a series

WARDOG77 2012.11.15
I hope the next game is a follow up to this one or Keeley. By far those are my favorite 2 games on this site!!!! A+

Geistman 2012.11.14
on "hard" its really hard, but i love it. gameplay is sometimes tricky.

blackmailerz 2012.11.14
This is a very great game... Haven`t finished the hard one yet!

casillasvvbb 2012.11.13
nice game great date games

Monopoly8787 2012.11.13
good game but alot of decisions

nekro123 2012.11.12
game play graphics and animation all 10/10

newton purcell 2012.11.11
I think this is a really good game. Really liked the whole premise.

pdude25 2012.11.10
Another great game. I love how its drawn out but the excitement keeps you playing.

Asghan 2012.11.09
Great game with great graphic!

wolf88 2012.11.07
gameplay is very fun and the story,, but hard--

pimpdaddy696969 2012.11.07
great game. love the graphics too

kukki 2012.11.06
Oh my, this is a very good game. I don`t know how many hours I`ve spent playing it. Far too many!

chudakd 2012.11.04
this is a really great game. good graphic

Ryoxxx 2012.11.02
Great game with great graphic!

Powerhouse 2012.11.02
Played a nice game like this before!!

Empiq 2012.11.02
Great game but a bit hard :)

icknichdu 2012.11.02
very nice game, this is. gameplay is very fun and the story evolving is just great

BlightHope 2012.11.01
By far the best game on this site. I hope they do another version where sandy is the main girl.

pride05 2012.11.01
great game , very nice graphic & Christina is wonderful :)

4sm0d34n 2012.10.29
this game was great, I do wish that there was sound for it though. The game-play was no too difficult and it was relatively simple to get through to the ending, even if I didn`t get a perfect score.

Ceaxy 2012.10.29
good game...nice graphics

pankusy 2012.10.28
really nice graphic and sweet girl

londo 2012.10.27
137 Points and nothing went bad :)
nice game! need some attemps to find the right path

acdial83 2012.10.26
Wow, she is wild! Great game

sunny0908 2012.10.25
it really makes it hard in the hard version!!!

MB78 2012.10.24
love this game, just wish there was sound, hoping for another one with christine

spazytex 2012.10.24
best game ive played on this site sound would be a plus.

zimzan 2012.10.23
this is the best game that i ever played.

mre245 2012.10.22
I`d have to say that this is my favorite game on here. Best! Game! EVAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

pae92 2012.10.21
The game is really cool. But I recommend to play it using a standard web browser. First I played with my iPhone but it is not as good cause you will not get the hints on drag over.

boris3005 2012.10.21
The best game that I have played on the site so far. The story is great. The graphics are good. I can`t fault it.

littlguy 2012.10.20
This is a great game. By far the best one I have played on playforceone. The graphics were fantastic and each picture was ver detailed. I know i will enjoy going through this game again and again. More games like this please!

kyle2960 2012.10.20
my fav game yet. love all the choices and that it is long. great graphics too. love christine

iikingx3 2012.10.19
This game has good animation

RowdyRod 2012.10.18
Best one I have played! Loved it, not the best graphics, but one of the best story lines. Kept me coming back for more!

thansen 2012.10.15
Very good game. Worth the time.

yad_md 2012.10.15
Earn big points in the game: open the game, copy the address in the new window and run in parallel in both windows. Points will be considered together

salope 2012.10.14
i love this game so much veryy good as well and the girl is awesome

pimpin_impala69 2012.10.14
WOW great game!! challenging as hell lol! thanks to those for posting a walkthrough!!

imperatrix 2012.10.13
I think complete passing probably only if you have full walkthrough.

loveulikesg 2012.10.13
this game rocks great graphics

Steveaux 2012.10.12
Probably the best of any of these types of games. My all time favorite.

superdude90 2012.10.11
very tricky on hard but still amazing game

NK240 2012.10.10
I must admit girl that girl is hard, great game.

Cashalot 2012.10.10
one of the best games here! great graphics, difficult enough to play...wonderful!

swested69 2012.10.10
The sheer depth of this game was utterly amazing. I think I will be spending a lot of time exploring the many scenarios this game offers. I am in lust with all of the girls in this game!

Dragoneyes 2012.10.09
Great game play. Love the interactions story line. Hot model!

Peo159 2012.10.09
Awesome game my absolute favorite every time you play it you find more to dream about

tjlovesyou22 2012.10.09
very sexy i loved it cant wait to play it again

Santana-Kun 2012.10.08
Amazing. It`s difficult to find games whose story matches in quality with the pics. The variable point and click it`s great, too. A little difficult sometimes but, paid the price!

faulguy 2012.10.06
This is the most well written one of these games I`ve seen. Very well done.

ex1led 2012.10.06
well done, like the game and the story ... more of that kind, please

BitSpyder 2012.10.06
My first game on here, really enjoyed it. a great start. looking forward to seeing more

Jack Cracker 2012.10.04
I am not really into games like this one but for this particular game I am willing to make an exception. Great gameplay, it makes you think about your actions and exquisitely rendered women. A perfect 10 all around.:):):)

Buggerit 2012.10.04
Good game, worth completing on hard

T M 2012.10.03
When are they going to make another game as involved, long and awesome as this one? The girl was beautifully rendered and lifelike. There was an actual story! and I love that you could not finish the game in five minutes.

chris7840 2012.10.03
great game was fun hope there is another soon that would be great

fs1e 2012.09.29
Excellent game. Really enjoyed playing this

Hornyman122 2012.09.28
Great game i loved it she is hot

bastoc 2012.09.27
great game, i hope for more:P

DICKLICKER 2012.09.26
this sexy bitch is fucking awesome this smoking bastard is going to be my sex slave

mikefrost94 2012.09.26
This game is really realistic and has great graphics

KeithWWatson 2012.09.23
Love this game, actualy fells like it could actualy happen

AleX_MH666 2012.09.21
I get shocked with the secret ending... you should take a look at it, guys.

drakki 2012.09.21
This is one of my favorite game on the site. Very good job!

AleX_MH666 2012.09.20
special thanks to starblade123 for the walkthrough

AleX_MH666 2012.09.20
best game i ever played in this website

seawasp35 2012.09.19
Christine is by far the best game on playforce. a 10 plus.

siyah 2012.09.18
This is making me CUM !

dirtymind2112 2012.09.18
can someone please help me?
I have reached 20 xp and get the message to look at kelly`s pics, but it does not load, does anyon know a solution for this?

pizza101 2012.09.17
played this game twice. good scenarious and endings>

torizz 2012.09.17
good game fun like the others

makila88 2012.09.17
is just like the others date games but these games always will be fun

notes1 2012.09.16
this is one of my favorite games i love it graphics are just amazing

corncola 2012.09.16
i really love this game,amazing

Grangerr 2012.09.15
Loved this game. Now hooked on PF1 to see if the others are nearly this good.
Really needed the walk through to see all that has been put into this story.

bjk2012 2012.09.14
i loved this game from start to finish

viper34th 2012.09.14
awesome story, awesome girls, i want more of this, please

shy69fan 2012.09.13
This is an awesome game. Lots to do. Easy level is easy, but still lots of fun.

dangibney 2012.09.13
This game is simply amazing. The graphics are awesome: all the girls are so stunning! I like the unique gameplay. I needed the walkthrough to get all the way through the game on Hard, but otherwise was fine. So many different options! I think I actually prefer the "secret" ending, for more reasons than one. I think the only thing that could make this game better would possibly be more animation and some sound.

delmorian 2012.09.12
well done, like the game and the story ... more of that kind, please

biochm98 2012.09.11
great storyline and various scenes

mazeda 2012.09.10
Amazing game, we need more like it. Leaves little to be desired.

jonibravo 2012.09.10
great game,best one so far.

kunu34 2012.09.08
Really good game! i`ve enjoyed a lot ;)

aceofspades 2012.09.08
this game is amazing i hope there r coming more of this soon

jakir 2012.09.08
cool game, really enjoyed it

covlad26 2012.09.08
great game, love the variety of the sex scenes, so hot.Hope theres lots more games to come from these guys

RelXand 2012.09.08
A really amazing game, though I doubt I`d have got the best ending without the guide in the comments.

ricardo1422 2012.09.07
i really love this game,amazing

discreteplayer 2012.09.06
awesome game. It just keeps going. I love it

Krory 2012.09.06
This i my favorite game on the site. Great job!

auroragold21 2012.09.06
Does anyone know what or how to get to the secret ending?

DarkAce777 2012.09.05
Great game, I loved it, it is definitely one of my favs will always be too

Arquad 2012.09.05
Really great game, need more games like this

asasasas 2012.09.04
great game just as good as a meet n fuck

Bestyspilot 2012.09.03
ver good i loved it but il loved it

CactusZack2 2012.09.01
One of my favorites. Love the sauna scene with Sandy!

Coranthor 2012.08.29
Games all right. Rendering is good, though the slide-show aspect leaves something to be desired.

luvfinder 2012.08.29
A little bit long on story but really interesting

tintan 2012.08.28
Awesome game dialouuge buttons need improving but asy 70+ rating

j1an51 2012.08.27
this is one of my favorite games i love it graphics are just amazing

antihero 2012.08.27
Great game. Probably my favorite one yet.

Brauner132 2012.08.27
this is my favorite out of all of the sex games in the world...Christine is in my dreams

jjax4415 2012.08.27
This is a amazing game with a very deep story line.

Bigbossy 2012.08.26
hot game, i liked playing all endings

wooow 2012.08.25
A really great game, and sexy to. i love it.

wooow 2012.08.24
The graphics are high and nice

WARDOG77 2012.08.24
right up there with Keeley! love these longer more involved games with great stories!

rayray2651 2012.08.21
A really great game, though it can be very hard. Lots of different choices and very in depth and long. A great and fun way to spend some time.

Twiddis 2012.08.19
It was a pretty good game, but it`s pretty hard to get through without a walkthrough. Some of the choices you gotta guess, because either one would seem good. I would like it if there were something in the end that let`s you play back any of the sex scenes after you`ve beaten it though.

Overall, pretty good game, enjoyed it a lot.

Lord Gomez 2012.08.18
Really nice, good dialogs and good story structure.

Tataigor 2012.08.18
This is the best game on the site,Christine is beautiful and i just keep playing the game,can`t stop.

asterakisasteras 2012.08.17
This Is The Best Game I Ever Played. Thx Guys

picadores 2012.08.17
It`s my preferred, gorgeous girls, great story.

yapok56171 2012.08.16
Nice graphics. Controls are good. Enjoyed the character development. Animation clips are a bit rough. Overall, a very enjoyable fantasy for us accountants.

khanjee 2012.08.14
Fantastic game with great story line

loginokj 2012.08.12
love this game, just wish there was sound, hoping for another one with christine

hondo67 2012.08.11
Awesome game. Very interactive...you really have to think this through to get to the best ending!

manyk85 2012.08.09
Pretty epic game, christine is freaky hot

artemisfowl123 2012.08.09
This was an awesome game!!!Graphics were cool!!!

Tekrow 2012.08.09
Wow, awesome game, Christine was really hot, we need more games like this.

jfels81 2012.08.08
wow, definitely one of the finer games on this site! DON`T screw up though! Appreciate the walkthroughs on here!

Sinapsa 2012.08.05
This games is very attractive by the graphic and the animation

rahul.58 2012.08.04
great game, very good graphics

getcool42 2012.08.04
awesome game. the quality put in to the charaters is amazing. good job!

allxspsc 2012.08.04
The game is more than great :) Maybe it`s a little bit longer, buy it definitely worth to wait and play. I just love her too sexy ass :D

kebabas 2012.08.03
Another graet game from playforce. Christine with keeley is greatest girls in pf1

Rejin 2012.08.03
it was a ok game but need alot of fixes

geoplans 2012.08.03
Very nice game, hope there will be another part.

dudelebowski 2012.08.01
Excellent game, though the protagonist`s personality was a bit agonizing to suffer through.

matt10388 2012.08.01
amazing game one of the best

Raju888 2012.07.31
Awesome game that i`ve ever played, hot babe christine I Luv U so much.

Evildrjekyll 2012.07.31
Wow Great game, Christine is hot and funny, the game is pretty difficult too.
One of the best games I ever played

alguem123 2012.07.29
very good game, good graphics, great story and the best

badb0ys 2012.07.29
Great game but I wish I started on hard took a long time to get to the end nice graphics

UnkownStranger 2012.07.28
five words, the best dating sim ever....

Hungus 2012.07.28
Looks and plays beautifully. Erotic and amusing. Requires patience, but rewarding.

baritone21 2012.07.28
Best game ever, hot girl, great animation.

riplead 2012.07.27
Very well drawn, and I love the endings!

DarthBill 2012.07.27
One of the best of the bunch, very challenging, lots of possible outcomes. The girls are pretty hot.

babesnaffle 2012.07.27
Loved the game, hope for a continuation ^^

LCPLSmarty 2012.07.27
Out of this entire site, this is the BEST game I`ve ever played. It has everything and I hope you guys make more games with Christine in them

badb0ys009 2012.07.27
Loved the storyline. Great game but I wish I started on hard took a long time to get to the end . great graphics, i like this games

Crushonius 2012.07.27
this is one of the BEST games i have ever played for sure . I loved the points system it made it a lot easier to get through perfect . managed to get 119 points great game superb story and really nice graphics (although not perfect graphics) . this game is ranked number 1 on this site and it really deserves it . I would like to see someone make a part 2 to the story something like Married with Christine - My kinky life i guess a lot of fans would love that and there is so much to explore still like BDSM an so on .

kitopshisubnida 2012.07.23
how do they keep on coming up with these games? Perfect

abc1945 2012.07.23
Very good. Already played it multiple times.

sumplkrum 2012.07.23
Loved the storyline. Sometimes if you you don`t get a high enough score, you`ll have to start all over again... but that`s not so bad because you usually find things you missed in previous tries.

trlrtrsh 2012.07.22
Good graphics, I liked interaction and varying levels of difficulty. Still working towards secret ending!

liuyun 2012.07.22
I wonder why it`s been so long not to have such a wonderful date games.I really look forward a new one.

auroragold21 2012.07.22
This is by far the best game I have played! Christine is extremely hot.

gr0mek 2012.07.20
very hot girl. great story. quite difficult at first, but very rewarding ending.

hornyteen15 2012.07.19
nice game with a sexy girl
but I couldn`t beat the game without the walkthrough at the comments

sunneil 2012.07.19
very good strory and beautiful sexy girl

0904038 2012.07.18
quite a fun game, enjoyed it

grim1997 2012.07.18
one of the best games ive ever played

ajcasino 2012.07.17
Best game I played yet, the storyline was very great and the difficulty settings were a great option. Christine is so damn hot, makes you wish she was your girlfriend for real! Graphics were great. Certainly would love to see a sequel to this game and/or more games with Christine!!!!!!

sventhecoward 2012.07.17
Gave this one the same rating as Keeley.......even though I think Keeley is hotter, this game was longer, and I truly enjoyed having more experiences.....would love to see a chapter with these two together......

afro07 2012.07.16
Great game , one of the best...

afgh000 2012.07.16
My favourite, played it countless times :)

kimostad 2012.07.16
Great graphics and animation. Im gonna play this often

frenzy198405 2012.07.16
nice game...i hope have 2nd date with Christine

acdffdca 2012.07.15
for a first time girl looks shy

toni_84 2012.07.15
I love it every time I played it. It`s so exciting.

AnonG 2012.07.15
Damn good game 10/10
Would like to see more with Christine

my babe 2012.07.15
this is one of my fav games 10/10

kuydster 2012.07.14
The game really turned me on. Also the gameplay was kind of interesting

MacPau 2012.07.13
It would be interesting if at the bonus ending when she peep through the binoculars later go to bed with another guy, for example that man from bar...

lolo86 2012.07.13
ideed a great game for sure

lolimlol 2012.07.12
i just dont like the endind that she wants to fuck the other guy

lolimlol 2012.07.12
cristine is really hot and her friend too the game is fantastic and has a big story

kooka 2012.07.11
Super cool game. Medium mode great can`t wait to play the hard setting

barty201 2012.07.10
super sexy game! I love the chick she`s damn hot! i kinda wish there was more Sandy though....

mrhaw 2012.07.09
Good variety in the scenes.

sfalke 2012.07.09
That`s the best game I ever played. Great Grafic. Not too easy.

Montesquieu 2012.07.08
This is the gold standard of Force One Games. It`s wonderful! I would recommend following the excellent walkthroughs at least once, so that you can enjoy the whole story

selsalo123 2012.07.08
Great game! And there`s another ending for this game in one of the Keeley games.

Tataigor 2012.07.08
Thanks for the game,i enyojed every minute of it.

speedofthought 2012.07.06
Good game, nice challenge, well worth replaying

musesx 2012.07.06
amazing game, christine is so hot more like this

Laszloo 2012.07.06
My favorite playforceone game. Great graphics, great storyline. Excellent.

89LX50 2012.07.05
I had a girl friend like her.

philimanjaro 2012.07.05
Fantastic game. Great graphics and such.

mememe91 2012.07.03
super sexy chick, nice game, realistic and fun to play, better have a sequal and the parkinglot sex scene is in that keelly game

robd_7 2012.07.02
Very well done. Lots of variety.

canadianbacon 2012.07.02
I recently played Life with Keeley so I was pretty excited when I saw this was the Christine from that game. Great graphics and animations. I really enjoyed the game. It was fun and rewarding.

wow96 2012.06.30
good game...awesome graphics
great gameplay....but very hard..

howyoulovinU 2012.06.29
Purely wonderful! The graphics fit the gameplay magnificiantly, with a crafty storyline that just gets the right reactions.

Duragon31 2012.06.28
definately one of the best games here, great graphics

kari69 2012.06.28
the graphics and the action were top notch the game was great, only played on medium right now will play on hard when i get another chance. thank you for a great game and story line.

drewmeekis99 2012.06.27
one of the best games i have ever played

madzaj 2012.06.26
One of the best game ever, very rewarding.

ZurDa 2012.06.26
Interesante juego! me gusto

P-Man 2012.06.26
the best game !!

smurphy 2012.06.25
great game was fun hope there is another soon

nrg 2012.06.25
I enjoy and good long story game, the graphic is nice and good

Capt. Price 2012.06.25
I wish we could see Christine and Keisha from the Keeley games bump into each other.

Imagine a scenario where Adrian is being double teamed by Christine and Keisha? Hot S**T!

cewj1967 2012.06.24
I also Love this game. The characters are part of the "Keeley" series. I really love these types of games because: They have a storyline, great graphics and gameplay options. Oh, and also, The girls are HOT!!!! I rated this one 100 because, just like the Keeley series, These are the BEST games ever.

Nekro__ 2012.06.24
very good game my fav 10/10

WayneB 2012.06.23
This is one of the coolest games on the site. Christine wants to do a variety of fun things, expects a lot from her date, and doesn`t just jump into bed because the right lines were used. She should rate the player`s performance on some mini-games as well (seems like that would fit her "personality"). Showing the "score" makes the game a bit too easy... one should be able to assess correct choices based on her reactions.

sexyone1 2012.06.23
this game is so good i love it. it is both easy and hard

dscali 2012.06.23
Great game, I like the graffics a little lengthy but its good

nrg 2012.06.22
Very sexy girls and good questions at this game. not hard, but not easy too.... That was good and the best.

esteban68 2012.06.20
I love Christine but I`m too bad too this games.. i used guide XD

17dvldog75 2012.06.20
Great graphics. Great game.

clint122 2012.06.19
bit too long imo but otherwise awesome

thekingoflove2300 2012.06.19
great game was fun hope there is another soon

qazwsxedc1 2012.06.16
the besr game in the site...love christine

qazwsxedc1 2012.06.16
the best..i love christine..

TomBombadill 2012.06.15
Awesome game, awesome graphics, awesome gameplay

mcskrillex 2012.06.14
Very fun game, lots of replay value!

udaychandh 2012.06.12
its really wonderfull dating game i ever played

sillysilvio 2012.06.11
THE best game i`ve played on this site so far. I love the fact that it`s so long and of course also the amazing girls in it.

hoptita 2012.06.10
good game, not a short game either its nice. nice ladies, beauitful art work.

DubSteppin 2012.06.07
This is by far my favorite game

tylko 2012.06.07
Nice game, but I couldn`ve accomplished it if not for the walkthrough. Thanks for that, guys! :)

XxAgathodaimonxX 2012.06.04
I just love Christine! great game!

jcm0824 2012.06.03
Absolutely one of rhe best games I`ve played. Great game play and graphics. It was nice to see some of the characters from The Keeley games too.Will we get to see a sequel?

xxksgxx 2012.06.03
Definitely one of the best games on this site. Absolutely loved it.

deneisha01 2012.06.02
This game was a lot of fun I really enjoyed it!

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.02
this game is such a fun game i would recommend it.

redrick123 2012.06.02
this is a really good game.. nice graphics and nice game...

haseokuro 2012.06.01
this is serious fun and also quite challenging @_@

dhanish97 2012.06.01
I have played this game 5 times now and i can`t stop! This is my favorite game of the lot, have to say, first impressions was slow but as i got more into it it was irresistable! favorited and 100 marks!

croe 2012.05.30
this game is great. good story. sexy pictures.. worth playing

tpayne1123 2012.05.29
this was a great game and great quality

HorstForce1 2012.05.29
Nice complex story but doeas anyone know, where to save the game?

tititberuang 2012.05.29
I really get super hard boner while play this game. Christine really look like Jenna Haze.

wufferstick 2012.05.27
i love this game than any else

Artie21 2012.05.26
this one is better than arianeb. love it! i play it the whole day and replay it

yoda 2012.05.26
probably my favorite game on site lots to it

Littlegrandpa 2012.05.25
A great game. Really one of the best I played here so far. It has much different erotic and an ongoing storyline

bahamut86 2012.05.25
Best game ever! Wonderfull storyline, long game and great grafic!

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

interestinglife 2012.05.25
It is interesting to see the development and time spent in creating this game, with its many dates and scenarios. It is a bit linear, but enjoyable nonetheless.

tjbond911 2012.05.25
the animation was really slick

cubsfan079 2012.05.25
Great game, loved playing it

deathb4disorder 2012.05.24
Out of all the games I`ve played so far, this is one of the best. Very nice graphics, an exciting story line, multiple difficulties, fairly long gameplay, and enough story branches to give replay value. 10 of 10 easily, and I dont say that about many games. In fact, this is the only game I`ve played so far that is a true 10 of 10

pusshound 2012.05.24
This is by far the best game out. The girl is hot, the storyline is fun, and the sex scenes are good. I can`t wait for another...

marchingbaritone21 2012.05.24
amazing game, wish there were more like this

Ryuuken 2012.05.22
Quite long and really good made story. Normal and secret endings are both excellents!

alguemanonimo 2012.05.20
best game i have ever playied, very nice girl and a good story

bob247 2012.05.20
simply stated one of the best games of all time

ap_bhoot 2012.05.19
good graphics and game play

roni@cox 2012.05.17
simply the best game ever played!
gamplay, graphics and storyline...mmm such amazing and sexy story!
waiting for other ones like this!

nms2899 2012.05.16
Awesome game can play again and again!

Bigbrada 2012.05.14
Of all dating games, for me Christina is sexiest and most erotic character ever.
Very long scenario, perfect story and woman who every man would want.
Best regards to creators of this fame and i hope that will maybe christine 2 will
come out. Or maybe some mix with keeyele

bountyx 2012.05.14
Tres bon jeu tres excitant

Blackstealth87 2012.05.14
on of the best games in its kind... lovely graphics too

cico11 2012.05.13
i like this game,very good!

tokai 2012.05.11
Absolutely amazing! I played on Hard setting, and it was easy enough to get to the best ending with the right level of logic and thought. Excellent graphics..i love this game

kojak187 2012.05.10
really like this game super fun and enjoyed the story

gotstewart 2012.05.09
This game was fantastic...wonder if they will cross some of this one in the next edition of keely?

Johnny1987 2012.05.09
I love this game. Its HOT.

KOBK 2012.05.09
On of the longest games i`ve every played... didnt regret one bit. OMG, great great great. Tough at a couple of spots, but well worth it. Thanks also for the guide comments.

gazerray 2012.05.08
good game and nice graphics

rubinr 2012.05.08
Christine is fantastic. How about adding audio?

grimm1800 2012.05.08
this was a hreat game spent many hours trying to get to the ending

sexytim1 2012.05.07
this game is such a fun game i would recommend it.

zcpmaster 2012.05.06
that was fun and long I like it

KiDLiStEnSCuDi 2012.05.05
Game has great graphics and story line

sexytom1 2012.05.04
such a sexy game with hot wemon

y2curry 2012.05.03
Huge fan of this one. Sexy girls are obviously the norm in these sort of games, but Christine also has a really interesting personality. Really well done.

nikki_hunter84 2012.05.03
This one is tough, but I REALLY like it!

loli123 2012.05.01
Awesome game, probably the best of all the website, and cute girl ­

phattyg 2012.04.30
very good game, good depth, game paths, and overall coherence. and not to mention good images and animations ;)

Raziel87 2012.04.29
it`s one of the best game i`ve played...very good plot, awsome girls, good graphics, hot animations...and the secret ending is really horny!!!hope will be a second one!!!

Kilopio 2012.04.29
One of the best game here. Intersting gameplot and a beautiful girl

TGxViiperzx 2012.04.28
Great game and story. Graphics are good too

phatpandav1 2012.04.28
probably the funnest and most challenging game on the website

Ralentando 2012.04.27
Really good game. Would be interesting if they did an update with more movement in the graphics. Gets a bit tedious looking at a series of still images.

stoper 2012.04.26
Awesome game.
The renders aren`t top-notch, but the story is sweet.
I like that the game was hard, and I had to think about what I`m talking and doing. The pacing was great, it starts with a tease, and one step at the time you can get the whole package. It was pretty long for such a game.
Cute and dirty, props to the one (or the team) who made it. A job well done.

blz 2012.04.25
This game has almost no bad sections, though the gym part is a bit slow.

phrenetik 2012.04.25
nicelly done but got stuck at some point

hornyashell92 2012.04.23
most definetly the best sex game out there right now

MrE81 2012.04.22
REally great game with nice graphics and an interesting storyline.

einshem 2012.04.22
The best game I saw so far in this game. great graphics, great girl. I hope to see more of those.

viper34th 2012.04.22
i love this game, the story is awesome

DjLHBFVR 2012.04.21
love the game, i play it often :)

xXzombiexeffectXx 2012.04.21
what a very very horny game

justme99 2012.04.20
By far one of my favorite games. The secret ending is outstanding!

jayneedshelp 2012.04.19
Great game. I always enjoy finding the best choices.

rokey_triikz 2012.04.19
This is very good game and the graphics are good

zgoregeek 2012.04.19
great game. great graphics. fun plot with a fun girl.

nniffar 2012.04.19
Very good game -- one of the best, good storyline and graphics.

kotor2 2012.04.18
Amazing game, loved it and hope for a sequel!

jonondb 2012.04.18
great game, one of my favorite!

winterpilot 2012.04.17
This is my favorite game! I never tire of it. Some places can be tricky. I think it would be nice for there to me more than one "good" ending - but still, Excellent game! Graphics and animations are outstanding. Really good tease factor too. I also like the interplay between this game and Life with Keeley! Keep up the good work!

dangling3 2012.04.16
With Living with Britney, the two best games. Chsristine is irresistible. Hottest chick ever.

billybig1 2012.04.13
I have played this game 5 times now and i can`t stop! This is my favorite game of the lot, have to say, first impressions was slow but as i got more into it it was irresistable! favorited and 100 marks!

luxdany 2012.04.13
goood game!! anda god graphic

smquinn18 2012.04.13
One of the best games I`ve played.

mumo10 2012.04.12
I would like part 2 of the game

papandrea 2012.04.12
nice graphics good gameplay love that game

Bramadon 2012.04.12
Very interesting game, but greatly i like the games of lesson of passion series

Myself 2012.04.11
absolutely loved it, hope more of these come our way

Hickypop 2012.04.11
Highest rated game on the site, deservedly so. I played through on hard and completed with a score of 92, so there is some give here and there if you make the wrong choices. I did have to restart a handful of times, mostly in the first 2 scenes, until I got the gist of what the right answers were.

Oh and props for everything being spelled correctly (at least most everything... no real ugly glaring typos that jumped out at me. Since it`s so long and good, I ended up playing and not looking for them.)

elsharaawy 2012.04.11
This is the best ever Play Force One game, I`ve ever played. if I will give 20 points out of 10pts.

Thanks for doubledare : found a way to help us easier get points > 100 pts. Doubledare found it by accident it really helps us during level hard because we need > 100 points at the end.

A glitch which can give you more than enough points. I`m using Google Chrome, by do control h. this lets you go back to before you do the touching (make sure it is in a new tab) those points will be added to your original score once you go back to original game. All this only use at Car session for time efficiency.

BonesMD 2012.04.10
Excellent game, seems almost impossible to win on Hard setting. but definitely worth the effort for the win on Medium difficulty setting! Graphics, animation, dialogue, and plot are all top-notch!

cookieacdc123 2012.04.10
Awesome game
Really hope that there is another about to come out or already has!!

DUGUK 2012.04.09
awesome story and graphicc

bob247 2012.04.09
simply one of the best if not the best

Bryson12345 2012.04.08
pretty good. has good animations

soen 2012.04.08
took a while to get their but wurth it

vtenshi 2012.04.08
I really love this game, is difficult, is large and have a nice history, and the women is really beathifull

kate14 2012.04.08

publictit 2012.04.08
Want a second game with Christine, best game so far.

Indra67 2012.04.08
My favorite game so far .....

pyanzabraham 2012.04.06
wow...very fantastic game..i love it..

gunny07 2012.04.05
games was great, enjoyable for anyone.

CaptainDangle71 2012.04.04
This and Living with Kealy are far and away the best flash style games on here - excellent graphics, challenging storyline and not your average get straight to the sex scene approach. Well done and bring on more of the same.

Keesxxx 2012.04.04
The best game out there, a bit long but really awsome!

Fly_ForOne 2012.04.04
I really suck. Only got 8 points first try. She`s beautiful...looks fabulous through her window, got to go back for more.

jr1971 2012.04.03
Sometimes it is a little bit tricky to find out where and because you get Points, accept for an non native english speaker. But unattached from this it is an awesome game and the different endings let you play more than once.

JulietDelta 2012.03.31
great game - now i`m waiting for another Chriistine game

SexTape 2012.03.31
I think I`m Obsessed WITH THIS GAME ;D

macky14 2012.03.31
This is probably the best game ive played on here so far...great graphics and even a little video thrown in...long enough to make you work for the ending...good job

freespirit 2012.03.29
this is very enterteinming game also

zifix.nochoans 2012.03.27
Awesome story, sexy girl and just a little bit wicked :-)

poopstein 2012.03.27
im stuck in the beginning can somebody help me?

raindrop 2012.03.26
The best game so far, animations, story ...

sponky76 2012.03.26
The best game here imo. Really fantastic work with the storyline :-)
Would be fun to see a sequel :-)

bricecubs1 2012.03.26
graphics are amazing i love how the date is so awsome

TanmoyDas 2012.03.26
This is a very good and long game with a nice girl and so many things to do.

jross11177 2012.03.26
love this game. it is really long

kelsy 2012.03.24
great graphics, great characters, great plot, in short it`s a GREAT game!! :)

maxsee 2012.03.22
Great Game love the graphics its HOT!

Raptorgirl 2012.03.21
Christine is so hot she makes me soo wet

whizzie 2012.03.21
great fun adventure, hope theres another like it soon :)

aviane2145 2012.03.20
I love this game! One of the best on this site. they really need to make another Getting to know Christine game.

undone 2012.03.19
".. first game played here and its a great one!"
".. looking forward to the other games."

".. tnx!"

John G 2012.03.19
Really like the game but still having trouble getting all the way through.

glukos37 2012.03.18
this was a great game, loved the girls in this, and the shower scene

mistresselias 2012.03.18
This game is well done. I like the story behind it that leads up to the big action.

b123 2012.03.18
Great game such a hot girl love her body and test make a sequel.

Speedy369 2012.03.18
Great game and story. Graphics are good too

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

davdia 2012.03.17
this was a great game, loved the girls in this, and the shower scene

tacobell123 2012.03.16
great game, animation is pretty sick too

gnakevad 2012.03.16
great game play... is there a sequel?

rumple4skin 2012.03.15
the personality of Christine, so much better than any other video game vixen, love it!

Timma 2012.03.14
Really love this game, the graphics are good, and the story was quite fun

Declannl 2012.03.13
great game with a great story i have ever played

txrebel 2012.03.13
anyone kno if their making a second getting to kno christine or any other games with her in it

stella01 2012.03.12
This is the best game on this site, great gameplay, great story, good graphics. The lot

lakshya050 2012.03.11
great fun game christine is amazing

Almaz 2012.03.11
Love the graphics and the girl

LOLman23lord 2012.03.11
Love the graphics and love the girl. Hot!!!!

shadowcreed 2012.03.11
hot!! nice graphic and animations !!

fffbbb12 2012.03.10
The best game on here, good length and challenging. I wish there were more games like this

str8ridr 2012.03.10
This game is fucking amazing! I was so rock hard!!

makke94 2012.03.10
great game good story. hope that there will be coming more of this kind of games

jayhuff90 2012.03.09
long storyline but well worth it

JagGillarDinmamma 2012.03.08
very well made game but a bit to long

stexe77 2012.03.08
Great game, a lot of fun!!!

depe 2012.03.08
I do like such game with quite nice graphics, and more of all worked story

enqvist14 2012.03.08
Best game ever, great story, situations and girls. Love it

Jason21516 2012.03.07
Very long game, which I like since there was so much to do. There needs to be more games like this one.

Maloney1996 2012.03.07
This game was great so long but enjoyable!

Lee1986 2012.03.07
i hope we get some more games with her

Lee1986 2012.03.07
another awesome game, and awesome hot girl

cerbensonic 2012.03.07
wow! this is really hot! Nice game! Really great story.

varun1607 2012.03.07
very hard game but with good adventure

RobthePlaya85 2012.03.07
Words can not express how awesome this game is. The graphics of this game are awesome, and the animations of the different sex scenes are cool to watch. The story line is written perfectly to every guys fantasy about a girl like Christine, and the other characters.

udyr 2012.03.05
i actually had to play though this game with a guide because she always blew me off at the shooting range without it... seeing the ending finally was soo satisfying!

JL_Beast 2012.03.04
Wonderful game....love it.

batmancum 2012.03.04
nice game love the story. cant what to see more games

swanker 2012.03.04
great game great story love it :)

pup552527 2012.03.03
Nice story and graphic but so longggg story.

Andyy95 2012.03.03
One of the best games on the site! good job ;)

lilandre 2012.03.03
second best gamde on site

Nickster522 2012.03.02
Best game on this entire site in my opinion!

moneyshade2 2012.03.02
I think this game has some of the best gameplay, I love this game.

sdoulger 2012.03.02
Almost the best of games... just try it

rlh19216 2012.02.29
this game really rocks , i really liked how christine ruled the roost.

network22 2012.02.29
Great game! Awesome sex scenes and a great foursome ending!

batucada 2012.02.29
The game was very well thought through. I really enjoyed it! Very easy to play and lots of choices, even if you dont see them.

hihihihihihihi 2012.02.28
Awesome game. Just tedious on Hard without walkthrough.

xSPAGx 2012.02.28
nice game and it is hard to play.. i like this game.. very much

murej 2012.02.27
Alot of fun. Like how theres a ton of options and u have to pay attention to get all the score

WEGAS 2012.02.27
Great game and really hard. I like it.

minemosyne 2012.02.27
best gamve I`ve ever played, christine character is so tempting!

numberone01 2012.02.27
great girl and great game

jdfun 2012.02.27
Awesome Game, Great Story Line, Cool Graphics... Just can`t say enough about it....

butman 2012.02.26
good graphics in this game

bswilks 2012.02.26
The game was very well thought through. I really enjoyed it! Very easy to play and lots of choices, even if you dont see them.

iwantithot645 2012.02.26
thank you for the walkthrough! this game is awesome. a little difficult without the walkthrough but wow all the graphics and the girls were smokin` hot!! Great game!

InfamousAzn 2012.02.26
If the game didn`t open in the third or fourth window, it would`ve been great, but whatever. I guess the game could have used more animation, but overall the storyline is pretty decent. Game can be improved greatly. 8/10

jackmackle 2012.02.25
Again, if you complete the walkthrough, you are able to do more, just that all that extra stuff is very liniar. Basically saying all options at the very end "past the diner where you are being questioned". Where you are at the beach, and you see the couple where you put a spy camera in their bedroom. You have a very liniar approach if you applied what your charracter learned during this game, and be the go getter. So play again if you did not make it to the beach scene "after the diner questioning".

batmancum 2012.02.25
any1 like my pic? if so please let me know.

airforcewun 2012.02.24
a really nice one and man christine ... shes hot

John G 2012.02.24
Still having trouble getting through but appreciate all the help.

Corpseman311 2012.02.23
this game is awesome, the artwork is very good and she is so hot :)
i like the episode based gameplay and that there are so many different ways to play

fluffy1490 2012.02.23
Very good game. I got stuck when they were watching the neighbors...

Thumper_1 2012.02.22
You sure know how to program good looking women. Christine was way hot and the adventurous bad girl type is exactly what made this character. Keep up the good work, can`t wait to play on hard.

Hummer123 2012.02.22
Its maybe the best game out here, actually nothing to complain about it.

boomer74 2012.02.22
Outstanding game. Hope to see additional episodes! Good graphics, excellent playability.

TylerProp 2012.02.21
Fantastic Game but i grew tired of it very quickly

b-rad1991 2012.02.21
Great Game. Wish for another game like this one.

jptmaila 2012.02.21
Great game!! Loved it.. thanx for the walkthrough!!

mustanggaz 2012.02.20
good game with high graphics and animation

maxblade 2012.02.20
Ive just spent a hour with that game.. its great

oopsyoudied3 2012.02.19
absolutely love this game, wish there were more of her. she`s quite a fun girl :)

methekilla96 2012.02.19
this is such a good game

mr4 2012.02.19
I can`t get enough of this game. You keep wanting more dates to keep going and it is challenging to get the needed points to continue. Keep these coming!

jdmid 2012.02.19
this is one of the better flash date games out there. better than kelly

doublelion9 2012.02.18
Loved the game the points system is is a nice measure of progress it makes it easier to see when your choice has a negative result. "Further adventures with Christine" would be very welcomed.

zeptie 2012.02.17
good game make me want to play again n again

standy983 2012.02.15
when you mix all the fantasies of all the men on the world you get...Christine!

Javlo 2012.02.15
I have played this game so many time now that i almsot know all of it by heart :p Realy hope to see more of this type of game soon :) Life with keely Is good, but not in the same way this game is. Hope to see more soon :D

steven1983 2012.02.15
Excellent game, I loved every minute of it

1d3d9d 2012.02.15
very difficult game, little too long, but gameplay is good easy. graphics are amazing, very good game

steven1983 2012.02.14
awsome game awsome everything

Mr_Red88 2012.02.13
Love this game, funny to play and good graphics

impruneta 2012.02.13
Good graphics and great story! One of the best games

Sanvitch 2012.02.13
An amzing game, but i can`t get past the lesbian scene. I`m stuck on a loop of christine getting licked adn fingered. but i can`t get any further. any help?

samielxx 2012.02.12
very sexy girl and a very good story!

westside7453 2012.02.12
great graphics, but a little bit hard.

mastermiro 2012.02.11
great game and nice story

jago24 2012.02.10
hope there is a another one

eliob 2012.02.10
very difficult game, little too long, but gameplay is good easy. graphics are amazing, very good game.

shubh17 2012.02.10
good game like graphics amazing

1poop1 2012.02.09
nice girl wish she was real...ok game though

marcel1970 2012.02.08
great game...well made....lovely girl :)

drudder09 2012.02.08
Probably the best game out there. An absolute blast to play. Sexy girls. Challenging to get all the way through the game. Keep coming back for more.

DyaDya 2012.02.08
Outstanding storyline, i absolutley love the points system, really helps to know how i`m doing...easy to miss somethings if you continue on with convesations tho

Mohy 2012.02.06
great storyline and overall

aranoo 2012.02.05
Awesome long story line, need more of these! loved the animations.

Phil93 2012.02.05
great storyline and overall awesome game

Rajkumarmalhotra 2012.02.05
the game is long hot and god i jut love it 10 out 0f 10.
waiting for more

IRNOOB1337 2012.02.04
this game has u choosing the all the wrong options in a normal game really good.

Valenna 2012.02.04
Wow that was great fun. Good game.

bob247 2012.02.03
hall of fame game one of the best

Skeiths 2012.02.03
I really liked the girl, she is sexy and smart, and different from the usual girls.
Independent, smart, and she can take controls of things.
I really enjoyed this game, thanks.
I finished the game in medium and hard.

ldtaldoraine 2012.02.02
realy funn game but be careful if you play it on easy you cant get to the ending

skills 2012.02.01
Love the storyline, graphics and length of the game.
It has everything in it a person could ask for.

shikeok 2012.02.01
Nice storyline and overall awesome for this games.

Morgradin 2012.02.01
Awesome game, keep it comming

gremlab 2012.02.01
Fantastic game, love it! Also the secret ending is cool.

huj 2012.01.31
MARVELOUS game! Played three times. Best game on this site

dgkpeter 2012.01.31
what a good game keep em coming please

moron687 2012.01.31
i liked this game about 9/10

adam111 2012.01.30
great game, one of my favourites here

VentusLau 2012.01.30
Nice game except for the lack of animations.
Thanks of the walk-through above. =)

MatCool 2012.01.30
this is a great game with hot girls....i love this game...n the story line is hard to get

cfriasb 2012.01.30
This is one of my favorite games of the site!
At times it can be a bit difficult, but once you get the logic of the game, it really pays off!
Remember, be honest and memorize every detail! (you`ll be grateful for this)

lioncousin 2012.01.30
Damn this game is long the graphics were alright but it was still plenty of fun it gets pretty hard later and it has really nice scenes

lickitung 2012.01.30
One of the best games i`v played ob this site..

DROWELF069 2012.01.30

lasion123 2012.01.29
this was a great game I like how you can play on diffrent levels to make it more challenging the relaistics of the game was good

blazercock 2012.01.29
This is the best game here !!!!!!

MrSuper 2012.01.29
Best game ever... For real. Awesome story. I love when she swallows the cum.

Sovereignofmylife 2012.01.28
Characters not as attractive as in some other games of the site, especially the neighbour of the main girl. Other than that, very appealing eye-candy and fun. :)

lionarslan 2012.01.27
Great game with interesting storyline. I only wish that there`s not only pictures but videos too

daywalker039 2012.01.27
Favorite game on this site. Nice combination of story and scenes.

Rajagorgom 2012.01.26
good damn game i like it very much

Rajagorgom 2012.01.26
nice ass game ever made

jpsacrey 2012.01.26
Good long story game, the graphic is good, i love it.

raikkon 2012.01.25
like the game really one of my favorites in here for sure

arther 2012.01.25
i love christine she is sooooo sexy and beautiful i like to marry her.She is like angel.the graphic is sooo good .

imthebest69 2012.01.25
great game play 10/10, but im afraid only 9/10 on the graphics, but definitely one of the best games i`ve come across

raikkon 2012.01.25
a bit confusing at start but ge8 game overall

kal2sm 2012.01.25
I now understand why this is the top game in here. Just epic.

zzatraw 2012.01.25
Gameplay is great
Very exciting storyline , like it

jackee88888 2012.01.24
gameplay, graphics, animations are good

DOOM4UALL 2012.01.24
I got stuck at the same point 5 times for those of u who get stuck where she wants u to masturbate plz dont pick an option theres a action liek the usual actions such as discreetly shecking things out or things like that labled pull off pants and underwear or something like that CLICK IT

wwe44 2012.01.24
Good long story game, the graphic is good, i love it.

Philichiro 2012.01.24
The Christine and Keeley games are my favorite. Very well designed.

Dekalinder 2012.01.23
really eally amazing, first time i sticked soo long to a flash game, so freaking immersive

gamboy 2012.01.23
Christine is amazing. Gameplay and graphics, endings are Wow

TheRedDuke243 2012.01.23
had a great time playing this but could use a bit more movement.

argolinhas6 2012.01.22
Good long story game, the graphic is good, i love it.

John G 2012.01.22
Great game but I still have trouble getting through some of the scenes.

trepleX 2012.01.21
short comments, for example "great game", "nice", "to easy"

hellboy1986 2012.01.21
nicw game...good endings and story

mjckid 2012.01.21
awesome game. beautiful girl and nice secret ending.

mimo1975 2012.01.20
The best game. Great graphics and gameplay

aviane2145 2012.01.20
Awesome game! They need to make a sequel to this. More Christine!

McGowne4win 2012.01.20
This game is really well made and the dialogues are great. The length of the game is amazing compared to normal games like these which is something that really takes this game up a lot.

jbcarlos 2012.01.19
gameplay is awesome...graphics good..and its very nice move with points...great game

pitl55 2012.01.19
high quality game. really hard though...

playforce991 2012.01.19
I think this is my favorite game on the site. Good story, not super easy and nice graphics.

Renath 2012.01.19
Its one of the most wonerful game i had play. Christine is so amazing,so cute hmmm she would deserve to have many adventures, i would never stop to play with her :) Five star and more 10+/10.

direvanity 2012.01.18
Really elaborate and sexy

Misterio 2012.01.18
excellent game i would like another game of christine maybe a second part can be? jaja continue like that

goblinking06 2012.01.18
It sucs that when you play on easy you dont get the whole story....

Master MonoRochi 2012.01.18
Outstanding action! wish I had a mouse and not a pad to play! Great story!

rdrghthnd 2012.01.17
if only it said with it `based on a true story`. great graphics and good story

morjo1 2012.01.17
good f+++++g game.....hope to meet a Cristeen

totalcheese57 2012.01.16
Might just be the best sex/porn games i`ve ever played!!

black fairy335 2012.01.16
Christine is great played through twice.

m@ggi 2012.01.15
best game...in this site..

ryan2330 2012.01.15
This is by far the best game i have played, ever. Its great that you can still miss points and get the best ending.

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